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Quote by: C

I got the exact same email from "Jamie". I'm a little disappointed. What state do you live in? That might help shed some light on the message. I'm in Colorado. If you're not, that should be a good indicator that this is simply a hoax.

I got this exact same message in California... Looks like a scam to try and get your credit card number by signing up for that fake AdultCertify site. I was looking online to see if this was a scam. Glad I found this string of messages! I tend to be more skeptical about online dating and am pretty cautious about anything outside it's realm. Glad I'm pretty careful like that...


Regarding "Sea Of Love":

I was on Yahoo Personals for awhile earlier this year and received the same kind of re-direction from a "woman" on Sea Of Love. I did go to the site and put up a free profile without photos. Almost immediately, I started getting emails from young attractive women in my area. Each of them asking me to write back if interested. Of course, I could only write back if I payed. Now, a couple of these women's profiles had nude photos and the rest had pics of very good looking ladies. I'm 42, and these women were all in their 20's. I did NOT fall for this as I know that these hot young ladies wouldn't be emailing a 42 year old with a brief profile and no photos. I deactivated my profile and moved on.

Several months later, I received a couple more emails from the same women asking why I never replied, and that they were still interested. By this time, I was already in a steady relationship, but we decided to do a little investigating. The day (August 12) I received the last email, I spent the $20 for a one month non-recurring, reactivated the old profile, and replied. As expected, the woman I replied to never sent another email. Since then I have replied to each of the emails I received. Of course, not ONE of them wrote back. In fact, I haven't received another email from anyone on SOL.

We decided to write to the administrators and let them know how we felt about their tactics and pretty much said "Shame on you" for preying on people's desire to find companionship. Guess reply.

The administrators of this site not only use lies to get people to their site, but they CONTINUE the lies to entice people to pay for membership once they've written a profile. They should be reported to the BBB or some other organization who could promptly put them out of business.

Strong warning: DO NOT PAY THESE CROOKS A DIME! If you've been ripped off by them, report them....period.


I haven't heard of that one, but this is one I know about...


Yeah, I got the exact same email from a girl at yahoo.

Here's an interesting twist, though- she emailed me directly at my personal email address, saying I had messaged her through yahoo, giving out that address. I HAD done that to several girls before my membership lapsed, but NOT to her.

So the twist is, this porn site is clearly maintaining a bunch of fake identities all over the US (I never messaged anybody who didn't live in Austin), and sending the same spiel to everyone that contacts any of them. Very mercenary!


You want my opinion? All dating sites are a rip off, they all suck and all the losers in the whole freaking world end up there. Keep away from them.


I have just found a new dating site my unibar looks good and doesn't seem to be full of fakes it's free for now but i think it will be paid after a while so get a profile registered quick.


Quote by: Koolnite

HI guys,
Sorry to report that I too have been taken in by seaoflove. I received the e-mail Cali4nicator received word for word. I believe there is some sort of connection between Yahoo personals and seaoflove. I am pulling my profile from both sites and would recommend everyone else to do the same and avoid these sites like the plauge. Both sites seem to be using young women in their 20's to lure guys into parting with their hard earned. Guess you know the old saying " A fool and his money... ". Again, avoid both of these sites at all cost. I have found a couple of free sites that actually seem interested in helping single people. One has alreday been mentioned here " " and the other I would recommend is " "
both are free and have interesting forums to read as well.
Older but wiser,

connectinsingles is not a good dating website most people there are only there because of the forums, lots of married people,scams, abusive behavior in the forums, foul language definitely filled with internet trolls , moderators do nothing to punish the long term members even though they can see the forums filled with pack attacks and vulgar language, anyone with morals or respect will avoid the forums on


Quote by: Anonymous

I am on Yahoo personals and rcvd an email asking me to check out a new dating site,, there is a website by that name but I did not sign in as I didn't know if this was just a spamming effort or what. Has anyone ever heard of this site?

Does anyone remember yahoo chat? what ever happened to it


looks very dodgy with a free this and that popup saying i had won a prize BS


Just use ones that have telephone numbers for the office, at least you can call up and moan when you get pissed off

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