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Where can I find good Christian people on the world wide web to date? I have been single now for about 10 years and the town I live in has very nice single people but to be honest I have found that I am not compatible with most of them. The few women in my church who are single and are close to my age are pleasant and well-mannered but for the most part do not seem to have any interest in dating or men in general.

From the TV I have heard of and plenty of fish but they do not seem to be very Christian places. Can anyone recommend a dating website that are for Christians? Somewhere where a gentlemen like me can find a woman of Christian faith in her fifties?


All of the dating sites I seem to visit do have Christian and Catholic areas. The problem is beyond asking what faith you are most do not go above and beyond this simple one question. On one site which will remain nameless I clicked that faith is most important to me. It didn’t seem to do anything. I still get plenty of none Christians in my searches and sent to me as matches. How hard is it for these sites to get this right? Religion is important to me. If it is not important to my partner then I know we will not last long in a relationship. I rather receive no matches than them sending me pictures and profiles of people who appear to be atheists. I am sure they are nice people but this is important to me.

Roger Church

Beyond specifying what denomination you are is there any real reason to have a Christian only dating site? I can’t think of any additional information I would need beyond this except maybe how committed the person is to his or her religion. You can only tell what a person is really thinking once you start messaging back and forth a few times. Any additional information from their profile I find would be useless at this point.

I belong to a couple of dating sites and when searching I just make sure “Christian” is selected as the religion. This way only Christians are returned. Most people who are not interested in religion are not going to specify a religion when creating their profile. Once I get my list of Christians I then read the profiles that look most promising. Of those I choose to contact I make sure to point out in my introduction email that my Christianity is important to me and plays a big part in my life. If I don’t hear back from this person then I know they were not interested and I move on to the next person in my list.


I found a dating site called that appears to be good. According to the site they are owned by practicing Christians. You also get a 10 day free trial where you can email others members. I joined the other day and unlike other sites a credit card is not required. I am testing out the system now and it is pretty good. I see that there are a lot of members in my state and they ask important questions that I can search on like denomination and how involved the person is in their church. You can also describe your own faith and how it affects you at home, work and friends. It still is too early to tell since I just joined 2 days ago but things look promising.

Christian Scammers

I have found all sites saying they are for Christians to be scams!!!

I have joined 3 different ones and I always get a ton of emails from people with broken English or fat bald men. At one point I thought I did connect with a nice man but within a week of emailing each other and planning to go on a date, he started to ask me for money.

Never again, I quit!

A bald guy

Quote by: Anonymous

I have joined 3 different ones and I always get a ton of emails from people with broken English or fat bald men.

What is wrong with a bald overweight man? I hate fake members as much as the next guy but complaining about a man contacting you just because he doesn't meet your physical requirements is pretty shallow and I bet most of us men wouldn't want to contact you anyways. At least the men are upfront about it? Are you with your defects?

Enough said!


Quote by: Anonymous

I found a dating site called that appears to be good.

+1 for this site. I joined the other month and I have been on a number of dates already. The first person I talked to on the phone didn’t last beyond the first date. When we were messaging back and forth online all seemed well but as soon as we met offline I could tell that sparks were not flying and so could she. For the second person I started to date I ended up waiting a little longer before we went out. There wasn’t any need to because that date was the best date I had had in a long time. We have gone out several times since then and I plan for her to meet my kids on our next date this weekend.


My friends and I were arguing over which dating site we think is better for someone who wishes to meet someone of our faith...

Christian Mingle or Christian Cafe

I like Christian Cafe much more because it seems to be much more based on Christian values. Christian Mingle seems to be just a dating site put out by some corporation. I rather have a much more down to earth experience than being lost in millions of faceless profiles. I also like the full 10 day trial that Christian Cafe offers. I got to use the site completely free while with Christan Mingle I would have to pay to communicate... no thank-you.


I have heard a lot of positive feedbacks about Christian Café that it’s far impossible that it’s a scam. I think it’s amazing how dating sites are not just generalized. I love how you can look for a specific trait in a person as well as their social background. Just saying.


Christiancafe all the way. It is much better than Christian Mingle and you don't have all those fake people. I think Christian Mingle got to big which brought in all the scammers. The best thing about Christian afe is that it is based in Canada so thede are lots of members in my city of Toronto. There are a lot of members from the United States as well but I have seen hardly any from Europe (not that I have been looking)

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