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I just had my first conversation about marriage with my boyfriend. We have been in a exclusive relationship for over a year now. The conversation didn't start about marriage but he joked about how ridiculous and random it is.

I told him that at some point I would like to have children and that is something I would only do when I am married. If someone I am dating is not interested in marriage then we have to reconsider. My boyfriend then told me he is all for marriage but he just doesn't want to rush into it.

I do not want to get married now. In a few years is fine since I am only 24. My boyfriend is 35 and I am happy with him but I do not want to be in a potential dead end relationship.

What should I do to bring up this subject again. My boyfriend is pretty private. Should I wait a while or should I talk to him soon?

Equal Jim

It's hard to say. Everybody is different and the key is to see somehow if he really is open to marraige at some time.

If he becomes angry when the topic is brought up I would say that he is not into marraige but cares enough about you not to want to lie to you.

If he has been married before then ask him how that was to break into it again.
Hope this helps

Married twice myself.


How are you getting on now, would be good to hear from you?
Hope everything worked out Smile

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Carrie Lan

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I think you need to talk to him or give him hints, for example show him wedding dresses or web sites with engagement rings, i think he will understand
as I find most decent men like children.

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I hope he is not one of those guys, who get bored and lost interest after some time and start finding some other girl. But I don't think that's the case here, so you should bring this topic after some time again and discuss with him in detail.


If he loves you
He will want children from you
just talk to him

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