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POF blacklists you and the list is only availabe to the women


I have sent out dozens of e mails recently after taking a long time off from dating via the internet.

I changed my photo.

but i noticed that there are some women on this site that have been there for YEARS.

I should name these people but one is a British woman in the Dallas, Texas area and likes to say she 'talks funny'.

But while I should have started with a clean slate so to speak, I have recieved NO initial replies or replies to my recent e mails and I was BLOCKED from each woman I contacted.

I said NOTHING offensive. Just a generic 'hello' type of e mail.

I know the odds are against men but statistcs woudl suggest that while not evey woman will respond , at least a few would to me sending out 15 or so e mails in one day since dating is a shotgun approach.

I can even undertand women not replying to my e mails (9all of them?) but being BLOCKED???

I did not say anything offensive yet somehow I have been blacklisted on POF

So if you are not getting any results, think about it.

you too may be blacklisted by Fink and his trolls

The Doctor

Good to know I'm not the only one.


Good to know whats going on now it makes since...


Benson of Toronto serial boyfriend pretender hooks 1 as the girlfriend, has another "needs space" working on getting a 3rd. On approx10 dating sites including porn dating sites for 1 offs. Preys on honest woman exception for porn dating sites. Beware.


I am a 53 year old ex north sea helicopter pilot.I am 6'3",athletic and considered to be quite good looking.I have never had a problem attracting females until recently.I went on Pof 6 months ago and have had many,many women look at my profile.The strange thing is that NO decent looking women have bothered to message me and the ones who I have sent a message to(probably over 20 women) haven't been intouch.Two blocked me for just saying "Hi!Do you fancy a chat?". From my experience over the last 6 months there is no doubt in my mind that there IS a Pof blacklist for women and if you're on it you may aswell delete your profile.I'm now very annoyed at Pof for wasting so much of my time!I was on Pof about 5-6 years ago and moved in with a girl who I met through the site.She turned out to be a secret alcohollic so I left her after two months.We never had a bad word(she used to fall asleep at 10pm after starting on the wine at 8. Another female I met through Pof at that time was more interested in spending weekends with her lesbian "best friend" than with me,so I ended that relationship too. I may have annoyed another one or two females on Pof but was never offensive,threatening and never sent a photo of my private parts.All in all there is NO reason why I should be blacklisted.I genuinely want to settle down with ONE female and have NEVER been a "player". I am disgusted with Pof as it's like being sentenced for something with a one sided trial........or put another way,like being in a boxing match with your hands tied behind your back! All males should AVOID Pof and use other dating sites instead.It's totally sexist.....probably run by women!

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