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Ashley Madison Scam


I am a woman who has used AM and I'm not fake. Hooked up with 2 great guys and had a lot of fun. There are definately some crazies there, so a woman does have to be careful. Obviously their are far more profiles for men than their are for women, so I was BOMBARDED with responses, and chose to only respond to a few that included photos. What can I tell you, except Gook Luck!


How to spot fake profiles.

AM uses them to make guys think there are more women on the site than there actually are. But I have met real women on the site, and also spent more than a few credits chasing phantoms.

Okay, here is the deal. I am a guy and I paid for some credits on AM. The company that owns AM also owns CougarLife. Most of the company-made fake profiles exist on both sites. But the pay system works differently. On AM you pay for credits to send a message. On CL you must join to read a message, and send after the first few free ones they give you, hence on CL the fake profiles send you messages not just winks.

I joined CL with the same profile I used on AM, and I was getting messages from the exact same profiles I had sent 2 or 3 messages to on AM with no response, not even a key to the private pics.

So here is what you do. Do a search on CL for the username of the AM profile you are thinking of messaging. If she shows up chances are it's a fake profile. But there is more. Check the profile on CL and if there is only the one photo and no written profile, odds are even higher. Lastly hover your mouse over the one photo and you will see in the status bar of your browser the file name. It will look something like this (the bold is mine)

First look at the name of the picture file. Who names their pictures insanely large random strings of characters? Even digital cameras have a system. Second if the date code after the *.jpg is 2009-10-27, you have yourself a fake profile. Also occasionally the CL profiles seem to have custom blurbs, but the key is the picture file.

And as I said the same company owns AM and CL, so the overlap is enormous, hundreds if not thousands of profiles. Keep in mind that on AM these profiles will have customized blurbs and even have ratings as if they were real people, including the "better in person" designation.

So now you know, and can at least stop spending credits on phantoms. But if you are not getting any response at all, chances are you are a creepy douchebag! ;-)


they send you an email saying you have a wink or message from someone. you look at the person and its
some good lookin babe or guy and then you can only reply with paid credits. this is bait fro you to buy credits. I know, I spent 49 on the lowest amount of credits which was 49 bucks PLUS 16 for some bogus fee. I got no reply from this dream date. I took the bait


I wish I would have found this sooner. I spent money on credits and it seems to be fake profiles on there. Theirs allot of good looking women on there and when you message them, you never hear from them. Though I have contact what seems to be real women on there, but after a few emails they stop coming to the site. I would image they are just curious women who dont really intend to actually meet with you. I guess, If it looks to good to be true....


I am a woman who joined because the man I was seeing at the time recommended it since it was early in my divorce - all I can say is A.M. is DEFINITELY REAL - and has worked out nicely for me - maybe they're not answering you because of how you look (no insult - actual question) - but good luck.....we've found neighborhood bliss!!! I will concur with the below post that there are a load of crazies out there - but aren't we all crazy at one point or another? I personally am very happy with who I found and he me - perfect match.....made on AM.....for AM - or PM - lol.


I'm going to respond to this from a different standpoint. I work as an affiliate and send Ashley Madison a lot of traffic. I can look in the affiliate logs and see the gender of the person signing up. Every day, day-in-day-out, I see one woman sign up for every 10-12 guys. Even if we assume some of those are actually guys, women trying to find out if their spouse is cheating on the site, or some other woman you wouldn't want to meet, there are actually a lot of women signing up.

Think about it - it makes sense. Women cheat a lot - maybe not as much as men but I'll leave that to the social scientists. Women need a place to meet guys for an affair too, and Ashley Madison is a lot more private than Craigslist, and a lot more honest than someone with a "married" marital status on

If you're not meeting women on Ashley Madison, its probably down to technique. You need to approach married women differently than a 23 year old college student. They have more to lose, and probably aren't as easy to impress. is not a scam - it just take a little more work to meet women there.


The site is real, just type the url in your browser. LOL But I must say, there are to many "fake" profiles on there to make it worth while. Just like others have said on here. I get a bunch of winks and when you buy credits to communicate with them, you get no reply or a a generic reply. I wish they would help to get rid of the fake profiles but they wont. I even email them asking them to do something about it. Of course nothing happened. Being a webdeveloper/entrepreneur unfortunately it makes sense from a financial point of view to leave the fake profile there, it helps generates revenue. Think about it, If you seen a site that had 10 profiles to choose from or 100 to choose from which one would you pick.


I'm real and I'm on there. Perhaps you think none of them meet because none of them meet YOU.


After being on the site for a whille, I tried to pick users that are not fake. Funny thing is, after giving my email away to users who I made the best posable effort into making sure there not fake turn out to be spammers to. LOL I get messages from them like; "come check me out at such and such site Im naked!"" For the heck of it I goto the site they email and of course I need to sign up. So I do, But of course they don't exist. Or I get email from them pointing to a site to buy stuff. LOL

There may be real people on there, but It seems next to imposable to actually find someone who is real. And because its a pay per contact site, you waist a lot of credits on all the fake profiles and spammers. I personally don't recommend the site.

Anonymous Dog

Messy: "Perhaps you think none of them meet because none of them meet YOU".

If none of them meet me, it's still a waste of MY money, no matter how good a time someone else is having.

If x percentage of the guys who sign up on AM get no results, they are still being ripped off regardless how successful the remainder are.

The people who operate such sites know "damn right" that a fair percentage of guys have no chance of success on their site, but encourage said guys to spend their money anyway. THAT'S the scam.

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