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Should we share everything?

Lady Luck

I was just pondering this question...

If you or your SO or girlfriend etc etc have one passion say a sport or hobbie... does your partner have to share in it? or should they show interst? or fake a interst?

I just noticed this the other day while skiing with a pal she brings out her intersted partner and he says he can ski. We go to a black diamond run, he is all decked out on some fancy gear I satrt of the run she follows he follows for about 2 secs falls and finally says... what am I doinghere I cant even ski... he faked it so she would like him more.

Sounds kinda DUMB TO ME that someone would put themselves in danger to get attenton or make that person like them more Just wondering what others thought on this or have expirenced this before?


No. One should not fake anything. It is always best to let ones love interest just tag along but not be active in the hobby. Your guy should have hung out in the chalet. No matter how much they want, a guy should not go out on the dance floor when he hates dancing.

Then again, you should always remember to have alone time and do your activities not with the person of your dreams but with a buddy, sibling, or lover.

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