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Im looking for a dating site wich is made for people with eating disorders, i had a close friend who nearly died of this illness. i was wondering if there were any dating sites in Uk for Anorexic singles??




Are there any Dating Sites for Anorexic Singles here in the United States where I could meet women in the Philadelphia area and its' New Jersey suburbs?

If anyone would be kind enough to provide this information, or if you know a woman with an eating disorder who would like to meet a nice guy, please reply to my email at:

I have alot of love and support to give to the right lady. Thank you!

Josh Davewriter

Naturopath Seeking Anorexic Natural Healer, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist - Living on the Great Barrier Reef - I love and produce Music and I cook. I occasionally have a penchant for riding dirty bikes and jet skis or jumping out of random planes.I have been dealing with Anorexia for many years and I believe sufferers are some of the most interesting and beautiful people on the planet. Josh Davewriter Natural Healer, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist. One day... in the future, in less than a single day, you will be here and your life will change into what you dreamed it would. So far away now maybe...but so close tomorrow - because being understood is what matters the most to a lot of people. A calm, gentle, relaxed Australian Guy, living in one of the most beautiful parts of the Australian Continent. Having had 10 years experience living with and around people labelled as having "Anorexia" When it comes to sustaining a balanced life I traditionally focus on working the inside out for maximum daily management plan. That means healthy, lean calories, with the right nutrients to keep your internals functioning at the optimum. That means good natural sources of Vitamin C and Iron are incorporated into every day meals, with lean calorie restricted or calorie negative foods such as Celery for keeping you full through snacking and cravings. Fibre plays a key role in my cooking and I try to keep you feeling full throughout the day so you are comfortable, with just enough glucose for for maintaining essential blood sugar levels, giving you enough energy to get through the day without adding un-necessary calories. That means fun plays a key role, the odd fibre rich baked cookie with you favourite berry and chocolate, with no butter but with heart happy mono rich oil such as olive oil used as part of the cooking. Some of the foods that I cook at first glance may seem richer in calories than raw foods but should not be looked at like this on face value. I create foods which indulge a little, but activate your metabolism, and fill you majority fibre - the end result? Something tasty which burnt an equal amount of calories through digestion and offered essential nutrients to your body. Lifestyle through a lifelong relationship - I want to wok with one person, for the rest of my life, I want to find someone I can fall in love with, and work with as there number 1 supporter and be there through the good times and the bad. I decided this after realising it was almost impossible to provide moral and the sort of educational support that is needed to navigate through one of life's greatest challenges - nutrition and finding the secret to maintaining your perfect physical and mental plateau. Creative consultant is another area I can help, as an avid photographer I will work with you in private or through your own modelling or aspirations to show the world how great and unique you are, or find what it is that you have held yourself back from so far in life. Sometimes all it takes is a spark, from someone that understands you, to begin to ignite the flame inside you that will change your world. The advantages of working with one person - Physical stimulation, pairing for adventure and exercise, through romance and friendship. One of the greatest things you can do to assist how nutrients exit the body or stay for additional absorption through the digestive tract is to control or release its eventual exit by working or relieving constipation. As odd as that might sound at first, think about it rationally, sometimes food can go through your system in 8 hours, sometimes in 18 hours, which do you need, and how do you effectively control it? One of the safest and most natural ways is through sex, specifically anal stimulation and this can be done solo in the bathroom with a small vibe, using a technique that I researched to activate the bowel - triggering the desire for a bowel movement, or it can be done together in a one on one setting, through sex and intimacy, guiding you through the slow and ultimately comfortable process of working your daily. The alternative is stopping the bowel movement and slowing the process thereby enabling the one meal to provide greater nutrients, necessitating the need to eat less less often. The result? Greater weight control, and maximising the nutritional value of each meal. Why travel half way around the world? Have you ever imagined like me, that you are one half of the greater picture, that there is someone out there who is just like you - obsessed with nutrition, body image, health, well that's me. Only I know there is someone out that there that needs me, and I want to be there for them, through the good times, the bad times, the easy times and the times we struggle. Because I am strong. The first time I realised I am destined to be with someone who has an issue like this was when I saved anorexic manic depressed person from a path of intense self harm and suicide, it took me 4 years, but I ultimately built the strong foundation of life for them and they made it beyond the greatest darkness that enshrouded them. Part of the process involved moving them to the tropics and freeing the mind somewhat with light and warmth. The beautiful green and the awe inspiring mountains. Finding the beauty inside you, with the help of beauty all around you, like a withered flower, you will flourish to your most beautiful with the right support, emotional support, feeling understood is so important. I know if you even thinking remotely that this could be what you need and if I sound like the other piece of your puzzle, then its probably because you are one of the few who will ever find this and be able to relate, because we are unique, special and different. I want us to be there for each other... find me at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Queensland.


Josh Davewriter
03/23/13 08:25AM

Naturopath Seeking Anorexic

Hello there , hmmm , i guess your post is very old , but reading it gave me hope ,after struggling with anorexia all my life from the age of 14 , im 37 now - wish there was a way to get in contact with you im in the uk.


I'm looking

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