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defamation of character


A member of POF under the name "my search 4 u" wrote an add looking for a cheat about a guy who obviously dumped her and now she is this pre-menopausal bitter and scorned 40 year old woman placing pretty much an add throwing dirt about the guy who happens to be a very good friend of mine....Please honey whoever you are, get over it.......
Your defamation of character add has got to go or you will be facing the wrath of lawyers....Not a threat but a reality!!! .......


Pretty please.

I wish that damned Marcus Fink would take his adsense money and leave the planet-along with his poor excuse for a date site.

I have been on this site (on and off) for a couple of years.

It is nothing but a bunch of men hating women, P-whipped guys that side with the women in hopes they will get laid (aint going to happen).

People that post on the forums that do not say POF is Gods greatest gift to man are banned, deleted.

It is full of Canadaians that have never heard that in the US we have freedome of speech and if you offer an open forum, you must respect that right.

So Please sue that A hole.

He has deep pockets and he is dumb enough to brag about it.

POF is a huge lawsuit waiting to happen.

i can't wait. I want to see Marcus Fink flipping burgers.


Pretty much how I feel about Great Expectations... a bunch of yuppie crooks who need to be prosecuted under the RICO law. However, I have a nice revenge tactic... when GE sent me their stupid surveys, I tossed them out but kept the business reply mail envelopes. Then I photocopied the envelopes and pasted them to little boxes which I fill with sand, bricks, and rocks, along with a note stating that the unwanted goodies will keep coming until GE cleans up its act. They have to pay $8 to 12 for each of these little surprises they get in the mail, and a couple of friends around the country are likewise sending them junk, because I shared the bootleg reply envelope copies. GE better be glad I'm such a nice guy, or I'd send them something much more dangerous.

So... try to find out if POF has business reply mail, and if so, send me a photocopy of it! :-P


I doubt I could get POF's address which would likely be a PO box.

But if they were headquatered in THIS country and in theory, they must register with each state's Secretary of State's office to do businees in that statee they wish to do buisness in. Other words, if they want to do business in Texass, ehty whould register with the Texas' Secretary of State. Espeically since it a corporation. I doubt that MArcus Fink is dumb enough not to incorporate. That site is a bunch of class action suits waing to happen as are most if not all the on line sate sites. And they ARE being sued like for fake profiles and making employees go out with memebers.

And I do not know anything about Canadaian law.

But it would be a GREAT idea.

Hang in there. You are one of the ones really trying to changed a *censored*ed system.


Speak of the devil. On the 1st day of summer, I heard from 2 guys in a part of town 20 miles from me who were trying to start a local singles club similar to mine (and I haven't even started the next step in advertising yet). They said they were stymied because they couldn't afford a brick-&-mortar building, but I explained to them, forget about that and concentrate their group's budget on advertising and promotion instead.

The moral of this story is, there's more parallel evolution going on out there than I thought, as people who are tired of all the dating service game-playing are finding out about each other and trying to figure out what to do about it. I can see how dating services won't be able to make a profit in large cities in a couple of years, simply because these singles clubs will start up all over the place.


You seem to have a good finer on the pulse of the dating world.

How long do you really think before there will be a real change in the dating industry.

I suspect the free sites will ultimately kill off the paid ones. But right now, the free sites are like the Wild West. Rude people, fakes, people not serious.

I remeber when the personals had a stigma but they did work for me when they were in print .

Now they are much more mainsteam and a lot less effective.

And it takes forever to get a date-even if you can get one. You basically have to lie and tell women what they want to hear and that is not my style.

Keep up the good work


I think online dating won't die out when the clubs come on the scene, it will just morph into a sort of online version of CB radio. It's there, it's easy to get into, but no one takes it seriously.

As for reading the pulse of the dating service industry... maybe I'm some sort of amateur psychologist and I don't know it.

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