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Warning is completely fake!!!!

Tom in GV

Hi --
Thought I'd share my experiences on both and Meet A Wife websites, supposedly for men to meet women. Others have posted so I don't need to elaborate, but I noticed that a lot of the "women" on Meet A Wife (supposedly for married men to meet married women-- NOT) and are on both websites. The same goes for Adult Freind Finder and I have been warned away from that one too.
Meet A Wife is a "gateway" site, again with the same fake "come on" emails from "women",
but at MAW the girls are video hos, they are just soliciting lonely men to go to their "live chat rooms"
at $2.50-$5 per hour, so they can writhe around and play with themselves on their webcams.
Pretty pathetic.
I was on MAW for a trial month, did not get ONE real response from one real woman, and I tried, so be warned. It always, 100%, led to "go to my chat room..." after a small number of emails.
You would be an exception if you actually met an actual woman who agreed to meet you in person.
I think there are far more rip off sites on the internet than sites where you can really meet people.

And let's face it-- as always, women call the shots, they can meet any guy they want any time, it's like a
big happy hunting ground for them. As far as "horny housewives", they don't exist, and after age 40 or
so they don't care about sex anymore anyway. A lot of them a lot younger than that don't either-- sex
is just a means to an end and they seem to be mercenaries.
So if you're a single guy looking to meet women I'd stick to the legitimate well known sites.



i havent had the same but a russian girl emailed my personal account sayin she seen me on but when i look i cant find her . but sayin that she keen on emailing me back and sending me pics but she has not ask for any personal info

i think it could be a scan it just sounds abit wierd

but the fing is im trying to ask is can you see peoples email addres when ur only a standerd member cos if not how she got it


Well once again we get suckered into these paying sites and get stung.. how can these sites be able to continue if there is a queue for complaints.. can anyone help and give me a site which gets results.. steer well clear of the yankee conning b******s.. Evil


So I've been a member of fling for a long time, call me pathetic etc.

Initially a lot of the girls on there were in fact cam girls (you could tell by the pics if you paid any sort of attention). But for the most part the women have been real that I've talked too. I've met a few and had a blast with them, just keep in mind...if they're too hot it's probably too good to be true.

Phi H

Frown Please do not waste your money like I did, once you join it is very difficlut to get out, see your card supplier and stop the subscription there, when I was first emailed by Fling they sold me on the improve my chances etc, I got loads of State side teen girls wanting sex with me, I asked for women on the Fylde Coast of UK, one local 'hottie' wanting some action, as fling said, got very upset that I sent her a greeting message, she claimed not to be that sort of woman, I asked what was she doing on an adult dating site then! I was offered to go to a chat room that doesn't work, so I've contatcted my bank after my real friend told me about this URL. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO FLING.COM its a CON


I'm glad I read this before spending any money on the site. I've had success with free sites and so far the best one I found was It's free and even gives you the ability to chat online. Most of the girls on this site want to hook up as more of a permanent deal but there are a few here and there that just want a one night stand. Good luck.


None of the sites are "fake." The problem is that affiliate programs pay a lot of money, and so many people use these sites to target consumers into signing up for their affiliate offers.

After a day on Craigslist's Casual Encounters I was able to pick out spam vs legitimate posts almost instantly. The problem with CL is that the women ratio is very very and women get FLOODED with responses. Try posing as a chick. Your inbox will be full.

I've found women on CL, but I know you'll have MUCH better luck finding guys (m4m) and TS/TV than women. Especially in NYC.

Here are some tips...


(continued from above)

1) Most women will not go through email tag. Provide a FACE pic, a very short bio, and a phone number and name. A name + num are very important. Think about it, you're replying to a chick who is sorting through 50 responses most of which will have name + num.. she will pick up the phone and call or give her # out instead of playing "email tag."

2) Never click links or read into long paragraphs that you get. They're almost always automated and will usually say things like "it's my first time on craigs list" or "I never tried this before!" or some other silly nonsense.



3) Girls who put a dollar sign in their ad or leave their phone num in their ad are usually prostitutes. "be generous" or "bring roses" are code for prostitutes wanting cash in exchange for a service. Look for NSA or ask if you don't see it. Unless you're looking for prostitutes.

BTW some of the prostitutes are SUPER freaking hot. Very fit, lean, blonde euros, slim asians, big booty ebonies, etc. But they charge 3 figs an hour.

My friend likes using ALT (site) instead of Fling. I never tried it.. but he says that in his slow town he finds about one chick a week which he has an on-going relationship with (not LTR, but just sex). The girls don't look too shaby either.



4) I had zero luck with m4w or m4t.. too saturated.

5) preview results are fake. you need to be logged in to see the real results of ppl in your area. on all sites

6) use a prepaid CC.

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