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Warning is completely fake!!!!


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Hi All..

Is there any chance you could help me with cancelling my membership ?
The option given by them on their website doesn't seem ti be working..
Shall I just report to my Bank that i have lost my card and block it so that they dont take any more money from mh account ?

Please help

i couldnt cancel mine either so just trash the profile and photo... and cancel card

is the best you can do

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Quote by: AnonymousLol well for one females don't pay for this site so I have gotten a chance to see what this site is all about...

so you're saying that if you are signing as a girl, you won't have to pay to became a member of this site or what?

My brother signed up as a woman and they quickly took his profile down once he started adding pictures and saying stuff about being a man

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Seems like y'all just think it's fake because you can't pipe nothin'....granted, there are a lot of fakes(easy to point out) but there are also a lot of real women on there. I KNOW.

Right I have ran into a few fake male profiles but common sense told me someone that beautiful wouldn't be on that website use your heads guys

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Quote by: Anonymous

That's what you nasty F***'s get for going on a site like that! Half of you losers are probably married and trying to cheat on your wives...Hope you all catch something you can't get rid of! Wink Razz

I completely agree with you!!! They're all pieces of *censored* that are perverts


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I'm actually a female on the site maybe you guys should go for the girls that are real instead of the model looking types!

Right keep looking for models you'll keep getting scammed


I know that fake profiles are on just about every dating sites.
But My daily fling has way to many.
10 women I've talked with, 8 were fake!
They just make you buy credits beyond belief


dating software they use now has fake profile generation built in.. so they just tell it to generate however many fake profiles they need by adding some bogus photos stolen from somewhere online ,,all at the press of a button


blank and UKfling are totally a false web site, I joined and spent money on credits with them but something just wsn't adding up with the girls. They just want to keep you on the web site and buy more credits, you are not actually messaging the girl you think you are in the profile.
I looked into it and if you read their Terms and Condtions it says that some profiles are false and for entertainment , well they are not, they are all false. I contacted them and they became very evasive about their user profiles and kept refering me back to their Terms and conditions.
Do not buy any credits from and you will never meet anybody it's just acon to get you to keep parting with money

Here's one reply from them:
Thank you for your e-mail.

Our website contains genuine profiles and entertainment profiles. The entertainment profiles

are fictitious profiles, and physical meetings are not possible. The purpose of our creating

these profiles is to provide our Registered Users with entertainment, to allow Registered Users

to explore our Service and to promote greater participation in our Service.


I was luckywith fling right out the gate pretty much. I actually had much more luck on Ashley Madison. I saw one chick for a few months that I met on fling but we were just a little too far away to keep it going. AM, I hooked up with 3 ladies on that site. The NSA aspect of all this is pretty cool. I do like the ability to send messages on fling without any changes or spending of credits. Whe you subscription runs out-you renew. AM on the other hand. Your credits last forever unless you try to communicate. Pros and cons!


Lol , thank God I did not give them any of my credit card or debit card information , I knew it was fake! Too Good to be true! It's day one of my membership and my email is flooded with messages, and every single one of them does not call me Gary, they call me by my username Gary667! Know tell me that isn't fake lol! Here's one of their quotes - " Hi Gary667 , I love your name , my name is Sarah" LMAO!! Ain't using my banking info there!!! See you later everyone!!

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