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Single Dad has a few questions!


I've been asking myself this question for a few years now and its really difficult to take a chance and get out there without knowing?

I guess I should be asking the woman I date but I've been told not to scare them away so I just haven't been dating as much, since my son means the world to me and I want the woman I date to know that? I'd like to know how and when to approach the subject, I do post it in my profile which I think is why I don't get the responses some times. Thoughts?

Women: How open are you?

Single Dads: Whats been your experience?

What would you say the percentage of single parents is on these sites?

Thanks for any help


Dan: As a single father who has full custody I have found many women to be intimidated by this. Although I have met several nice women through internet dating sites, I seem to do better at school functions, birthday parties and the park. Those that I have met online have often seemed concerned that I was looking for them to be a "replacement mom". Finding someone who is willing to get involved with a man with kids, responsibilities and often times an angry ex wife, is a little difficult. Don't worry about a low number of responses, that is automatically weeding out those who would be unsuitable. When you do talk to someone, definately talk about your kids so that she knows that you are involved with them but don't overload her with "kid problems" either. In online dating, do post a quality picture (one where you are smiling), this definately adds to the responses. Don't give up.

elle naturelle

From the other perspective, I am a woman interested in dating a single dad.

We recently met and hit it off, talked about a LOT of things together, going places and doing things. His son in mind the entire time.

He has his son this weekend and had many plans to fill his time; however, I was hoping to hear from him.

It has only been two days, do you fathers generally wait until the children are back with moms before you call someone you are interested in dating (but have already "been with")?

What are the rules for me to call him? Would he rather be left alone with his son in respect for their time together, atleast until we establish a more serious level of relationship?

Your thoughts?



Elle: A woman looking for a single dad? You have got to be a rarity. There really are not any rules for when to call him. Don't wait for him to call. I don't know how many times you saw him before you starting talking about doing things with his son, but if it was within the first few dates, then it was too soon. Being a single dad is hard enough as it is, then add in the feeling of another woman getting close to his son and you have a recipe for acute insecurity. A variety of emotions run around in our heads when a woman seems "too interested- too early" in the children. Usually we think that she either is pushing her way in to become a mother or that she is only doing this for show. Men want to be with a woman who A. wants to be with them for who they are, B. not be offended that we have children, C. are open to doing family things at the direction of the father (initially) and D. doesn't interfere with parenting until she becomes a fixture in the relationship. I know I took this further than you asked but you do need to respect the father/son time. That does not stop you from calling him though. Just a quick phone call to say "hi" is always nice.



i stand by him all the way just by letting my man know that i care and love him...i accept his son and his son accepts me too...
what should you people advice me to if he wants to marry me?????????

John at

There are quite a few single dads and moms on the dating sites. Since most single parents are busy with work and kids' activities, the online dating board is even more suitable for them to find someone to go out with.

I own a dating profile writing site and can tell you that a good percentage of people who sign up for my service are single parents.

Good luck in your quests!


I've always been afraid to take chances with men. They always hurt me for some reason. I am almost at the verge of giving up until I checked out It was only then that I met the man of my dreams. We are already planning our wedding already and I think he has no plans of leaving me anytime soon. LOL

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