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How did you get your flat stomach?


Does anyone wanna tell me there secrets to a flat stomach? I've tried and tried with diet and exercise and never get rid of the last bit of flab. Oops!

Miss Mutten

I'm 48 years old, and my waist is a 26. I don't necessarily consider my stomach flat but other's do and I don't argue...😁. I consider myself in decent shape for my age.

I do not have so much of a secret as I have just routines that I do at odd places. When standing in line at a cashier, (also while driving to work and home) I'll do stomach locks, or just tighten the muscles in my mid section while waiting in line. Why do nothing but stand there. Often I also do one leg bends similar to squats, just not as low, and only one leg at a time. I know it can look silly at a line up, but I really don't worry what other's think. I'm exercising as much as possible rather then standing still.

When I am at home I'll do crunches, but more then that I will try to increase my flexibility and lie down lifting my legs above my head to try to touch the floor. I only do this for around 10 to 15 minutes three times per week. I don't know if it does seriously help, but it's all I really do.

Best to you, just try to do what you can when you can. (Kegel exercises while driving is simple as well... 😜)

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It's not really a secret.....

The main thing of concern is your diet. Eat sensibly and cut out the sugar and high fat foods. Portions are important as well. Don't think of it as a diet but as a new beginning as it is something you will have to follow from now on to be successful at keeping the weight off.

One thing to help curb hunger pains is drinking lots of water. After a few weeks your body will adjust and the hunger pains will disappear.

You should also exercise for 30 mins at least 3 times a week. Brisk walks are good to start with.

I go to the gym myself and do cardio and weights, at least 3 times a week, with core at least twice a week.



Like the last couple of posts say, I find cardio is the best, in order to get nice abs you need to turn your fat into muscle, and then keep it that way! 💪


BTW, when the people aboce say the word "diet," they do NOT mean it as in "Eat less food to the point that you are almost starving," they mean the definition of, "The particular foods in which you eat." Like if you say, "The diet of a lion," or "the diet of a giraffe." You need to consume a healthy diet without a lot of bad fats (NO trans fats!).

In general, just eat healthy, and workout, and drink lots of water. The midsection is always the last place to lose fat.

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