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Error when trying to create a Facebook Dating profile


When i try to make my dating profile on Facebook an error message appears and says "You've created too many dating profiles." and it kicks me back to the app.

Any idea how I can fix this so I can try out Facebook Dating?

Adrian costa

Glad I am not the only one it is happening too. Exact same thing and I have never created a Facebook dating profile before. This is not a good start to something I was hoping would replace all the dating apps that I find are full of scammers.


I've just had the same problem, won't let me make an account now! Hope this is resolved soon I've been looking forward to seeing this working since they announced it!

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I just created a Facebook Dating profile without a problem...

Have you tried deleting the Facebook app and then reinstalling it? Maybe that will fix it.

Another option is try using the website to see if you can create it that way instead of through the app. Once it is created you can hopefully then use the Facebook app for dating.


Posted this in the comments section of the Facebook Dating review as well:

Was trying to change my profile and photos one day and then was unable to get back on to chat my profile. Had the error code saying I had created “too many profiles... try again later today” ... frustrating. I sent a message under the help and support tab -go to report a problem - I put it in “other” and labeled it Dating - took a screen shot of the error code.

From what I read online, Apparently the block lifts over time ... ? How long... I was locked out for 7 days. It is back today exactly one week later and allowed me to create my profile again. Don’t know if was my message I sent asking FB to fix it or that the block lifted after 7 days. Will never know but it seems to be fixed now. I have my profile back online.

Hope this helps those in the same boat. I went looking online for answers too.


It let me create a profile, but it kicked me out after and keeps saying something went wrong when I try to access it. I updated Facebook and everything


Same exact thing happened to me. I just deleted the profile. Logging out and uninstalling didn’t fix it.


Same here. Anyone else able to create a profile? Seems like Facebook Dating has a few bugs

EffFacebook AP

Happen twice this week. We apologize something went wrong.
Second time my info was missing.
Convesations are gone and under deactivated conversations.

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Since when did facebook do a dating thing?

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