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What Happened to Online Dating? Things have changed!


I have been a paying member on SeniorMatch for over a month now, I am experienced with dating sites. After a relationship of three years , returned to dating sites.

Have things changed! What has happened to decency, integrity and character? What about honesty?

Not just this site, but other sites as well. To people in general,what has happened? What are all of you looking for?

What has happened to being kind, to people?

People scamming, lying, and not even who they say they are. All, of them, should be ashamed of who they are. Pretending to be to be what they are not, to women, that crave their love and attention. Not just men though, their are women just as bad.

Sorry for all of the victims, but you know I have more empathy for all of you, scammers!
Heartlessness, devoid of emotion and beyond help. You destroy lives and take innocent people and turn them into your puppets, for money and enjoyment of the moment.

Beware! Karma is hell! One day it will catch up with each one of you.

The sites warn warn you, but it is worse, people play on emotions, beware.



Did you try bumble? Seems pretty good to me. They have a good photo verification system to weed out the fakes. I only deal with verified profiles and have not had any problems. Popular pay sites like eHarmony also have less fakes as well since people have to pony up money to message. Scammers are much less likely to do this.

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What happen ? I guess it is in first Line that Customers want an easy service .
Sites with a bigger Questionnaire and a will to have their Clients to assist to a background check are not really liked because they are complicated to enter . The other Site is that the Customers do not really want to invest in using a proper Service they searching for the so named "Free Options" Going further to offer a guiding service where the User can benefit from the Experience of the Guide are not really wanted . You can see that People refuse help who wants to keep them from even danger . In the sample of immigration you can see what happen in most Websites who do make access to easy : the bad Guys coming together with the good Guys because there is only a low Filter mechanism and this is what People want : Fast and easy access to a Site, easy to use and just no control . That is why it happens.

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