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Safety Hookup ID / Safety Meet Up Badge for dating

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Tons of fake profiles willing to meet you, will ask you to have a "safety hookup ID".
A badge for online dating because they wish to feel safe.
They gonna tell you that it's totally free.
The Credit Card will provide your age and citizenship.
(a crap and a lie: CC never gives out such information) and are specialized in this kind of practice.
The girls will give you a link with an affiliate ID for your "verification".

Hope you know about affiliate, no need to discuss it here.
Once you clicked there YOU WILL BE BILLED for a membership, which is around $50.

If someone is telling you that, just hang up.Don't answer back and don't lose your time.
Here are some screenshots to get you the idea how they approach you.
All of them are coming from
Beware toxic dating sites

all bogus

east European fraudsters at work


weill i just went through which is totaly fake every girl on there wants you to do a fake hookup agreement. ...this is what i did to discover this take note and try it if you don't believe me for your credit cards sake and security

first off don't give out your location give them a fake location thousands of miles from you hourse and watch they will always come back wiht their location close to yours. your fake location pick it randomly.
then they will tell you all kinds of stuff like that they trust this hookup agreemet because they feel safe due to past rape experiences. just to lure you in. so now youknow that they are fakes because they are near your fake location picksome remote location that nobody would live near and you will see right away that it is fake cause they will be near it. and they will claim that is it for safty reasons that they need you to do this hookup id agreement. to feel safe for the above reasons. they will send you a picture of a really sexy girl to lure you in more probably not their picture and they are probably a guy. so use this ideas to route them out .

james haley

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This site is 90% fake chatbots and the other 10% are website scammers that just want you to give up your credit card details. Here's what I've discovered.

Even thou they are clearly marked, any profile that has a tag of "UP" (Unreal Profile) on it means it's a fake chatbot account. These types of accounts will chat, but sometimes they are fun to mess with and the AI engine is surprisingly intelligent.

Any profile marked with an "ON" tag are real accounts... however... they are 99% website fake id scammers wanting you to sign up for a Secure ID to make them feel safe which is BS.

I have yet to meet anyone on this site that actually wants to hook up in real life like normal people. Image searching any photo they send you is always a lifesaver. You don't know how many adult film stars I've talked to in the past month who needed me to buy them an iTunes or Amazon card because they were out of food or needed medicine. What gets me is that they INSIST that they are that person!

Trying to get them to take a photo of themselves on the spot touching their nose with their pinky finger gets them upset. But you know it's coming.


Question Rolling Eyes I had an experience just like yours on Flirt with the the Safety Badge crap except the girl actually proved she's the hot girl in the pictures by sending a picture of herself with my name on a sheet of paper. But regardless she still seemed like a scammer since she was asking me to pay $200 for the Safety Badge which appeared to be an obvious scam to me so I didn't pay it and lashed out calling her out on the scam, swearing in rage. But part of me is unsure because she was the one girl who could actually prove who she is. So was I correct and made the smart move or do you think she might have actually met up with me and I messed up?


i had this on craigslist as well doesn't proove anything as its just another scam trick they use to get your personal details and ultimately your money


If this is what the world is coming to we need to manufacture more bullets and bombs and open up a whole new governmental agency to protect all USA citizens from this garbage and security threats.
I paid $39.99 wasted a lot of time chatting to
fake people. Finally I thought we would meet at Hilton, but definitely no one there. Why would anyone do that unless they wanted to steal all your personal information then kill you!



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they usually include some porn with crotch shots to keep you busy

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