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Amolatina dating site is the biggest scam i have ever seen.they pay these beautiful models to let them post their pictures pretending to be interested in foreign men and then they have paid employees do the talking for them.these beautiful women dont even know that you exist and you would have been scammed out of thousands of dollars before you realize.i have never seen such a dishonest dating site in my life and then they get these employees to write fake 5 star reviews to make you think that the site is legit.stay away from this fraudulent site they are complete scumbags.

This site is an absolute Scam Guys!!! I have been on many dating sites and cannot remember one time not being able to get a lady's phone number or email address to contact her until now. I thought I was doing something wrong until a lady and I met on here and actually tried to decipher our phone number and email addresses so we could meet. They blocked everything claiming " Federal Government Rules". I spent over $500 dollars in one month on this site. Not because I was stupid. But determined to figure it out. And I have.


the owners have a coral of similar scamming sites


You will never meet one of these women. As soon as you try to get a meeting scheduled, they start in with the *censored* that it is too dangerous. So you are on a dating site and won't meet anyone...hmmmm. It is nothing but a bunch of pimps hiring out these women for pay! Also once they have your cc number, you can't delete it and if you don't watch your cc bills, months later they will charge you!!!


I think Amolatina is a SCAM website. They would say things that you like to hear. Most of the candidates are fake entities, providing fake photos. When ask to do a video chat, they would give excuse that their browser and camera is not working. Do note that a few people are administrating an entity, the same profile because the conversation was not connected. They always give a close ended answer and expected you to feed them with information. Moreover, the admistrative employees always detect your location and where abouts of your location. Their man will followed and detects your present and show you all the candidates that are not register on site. No way you are able to identify the real entity of the men being presented and view. Even if you are interested in the gentleman, you have no clue of their images and details register on site. Why do they want to register a fake photos and profiles, if they are interest on looking for a partner? In addition, beware that they may use our profiles that we provides and register in another platform. Using our entity to chat with candidates that you are unaware of. And the candidates may mistaken that we are the one chatting with them. Please do not pay any credits to this site.


it is a scam - a few clues/examples:
First, there's an absolute gorgeous woman named Roccy, and the site says she's 33. One day I was searching on Pinterest and I came across her photo - she's actually a professional model named Celia Vasquez.
Second, I was on another site (LatinAmericanCupid) and I actually came across the same woman I saw on amolatina, so I reach out, asking about it... and her profile suddenly disappeared.
Third, the messages are absurd: "How are you my prince", "Good afternoon my love" (i've never communicated with this person), "I've been wanting to play for a long time, but I would not do it with you' (that's quite an introductory 'hello'Wink, "Could you be the man who knows all of my secrets?", "What do you think about doing something with me that I've wanted to try for a long time?" (Think for a second what you'd think of a woman who greeted you in person like that).
Plus I regularly get emails from 19 and 20 year olds (I'm 55) with messages such as "Hey there Joe" (my name isn't Joe)".
Scams are scams - and not defunct - because there are guys who fall for this. The women are beautiful, no doubt, but no positive review has EVER been independently verified, in all the website analyses I've seen. But I guess as long as they post photos of beautiful women who give the appearance of being available, they'll bring in money from gullible gentlemen.
Full disclosure, I did try to buy credits one time to talk with someone who seemed legit, they double charged my credit card - I fought it but wasn't successful - and honestly, it would have been worth it had i been able to make contact with the woman in question, she seemed wonderful. In the end I spent $80 chatting with someone who clearly wasn't the woman in the profile - the person on the other ended didn't even read the profile on line and when I mentioned my condolences about her husband (site said she's a widow) the response was he ran off with another woman.
If you enjoy looking at beautiful women on line, amolatina is your side - if you want to actually meet one, you'll have to go to another site.
Good luck, gentlemen.

panzerkamfwagon 6

** ONE PROFILE SENT ME HER EMAIL ADDRESS (VERY RARE FOR THIS SITE) AND WHEN I CONTACTED HER, SHE REPLIED HAD NOT BEEN A MEMBER OF AMOLATINA FOR OVER 2 YRS AND SITE STILL USES HER PROFILE** After (2) years on site as of October 2017 (figured out after 3 months something not right and yes I am slow but desperation at my age leaves me open to attack) anyway only reason I stay is never seen such perfect women to my taste they are fake (if too good to be true than it is)** I set up alternate site with profile picture of Frankenstein and still they all want me -!!. Seen some members on other dating sites under different name and living in the USA -**one male member who looked like male model and had perfect profile for any woman told me that he was wondering why every time gets close to meeting "profile" they change subject (if this man could not get date with "profile" then no chance for 95% men if these "profiles" are real (ONLY WITH I COULD RATE SITE IN THE NEGATIVE - EVEN WHEN CONTACTING SITE WITH EVIDENCE OF FAKE PROFILES THEY GIVE RUN AROUND) **DO NO WASTE YOUR MONEY - I AM EMBARRASSED ON WHAT I SPENT ON FANTASY**


I have never been in those dating sites like AmoLatina, FlirtWith nor ArabianDate, but i receive messages to my gmail inbox 🤢🤮


Amolatina site is the biggest scam ever. No woman will ever talk to you outside the site. You will get the same messages from many different profiles. You will talk and talk and talk, but never get a woman to leave the site. Unfortunately, lying is not against Amolatina policies. So they can lie to you all day long and you will not be refunded your wasted money. It cost from $24 to $48 per hour to talk. The time starts once you contact a lady. When your chatting, your paying. If she only replies every 5 seconds or every 5 minutes, you still pay. It can cost you $16 for 20 minutes and only send a few messages. You will never see that you talk to a real woman. The video chat is not private, but it is expensive. On video chat, you still have to type messages and they can be talking with many men at the same time. Women have said they will be in my city today and want to meet. I live in a remote town of 28 people, it's a complete lie. Many say they wish to meet and make every excuse possible not to meet. It's a huge scam, stay away. I did meet some on Columbian Cupid and one gave me a very bad opinion of Columbian women, but I did meet a very nice one and hope to marry her. Best wishes everyone.


I was directed to this site via another site - I don't know how this happened! Anyway, I started exchanging messages with a few of the women and I soon began to notice several things that aroused my suspicions. First, almost without exception they are the most beautiful women I've ever seen with almost flawless bodies. My thought was this: if they look like this, why do they need to get on a dating website? They should have no trouble getting men to notice them where they live. Second, most have professions requiring advanced degrees and/or training and yet several are 19 or 20. Finally, I have communicated to a few of them that I ran out of credits and won't be able to buy more until the first of February (2020). They have continued to contact me with such messages as "how are you today" or "are you going to reply"? Then there are many who contact me with the usual suspect comment like "hello dear," "I'm so glad I finally found someone like you," etc. Without paying for more credits I added to my profile the fact that I was out of credits and I even added my suspicions such as those I have noted here. They continue to send me messages as if they have not read my profile. Obviously am getting off this site!

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