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I am the ORIGINAL thread starter The forums on POF are literally insane

jerked around

That was a long time ago. I did continue to use free dating sites until I felt my soul was being crushed.

I had most everything the ‘women’ wanted. True financial stability, nice looking for my age, not a player, etc.

I even bought a Harley because so many women said they loved guys who had one. Utter bull *censored*. Not one woman expressed interest. Even biker chicks.

I recently turned 61 in 2017 and for me a wonderful thing happened.

I lost my interest and ability to perform sex. Take sex out of the dating and relationship equation and you lose interest in dating and all it’s BS. Not to mention I actually have money to spend on myself instead of buying a woman I will never see again a nice meal..

I DO miss having someone that is an intimate confidant. And a fun travel companion. But that is all I miss from withdrawing from the dating game.

The very nature of the words ‘dating game’ should tell you it’s not real any more than any other game.

And the times we live in with Trump as president doesn’t help.

I first used print personals in an alternative weekly and had more dates than I could literally go on or afford.

I had more potential dates the first week of using print personals in the early 1980’s than I had in trying to use online dating tor over a decade starting about 2003.

With the manufacturing of cheap devices to access the internet which had previously been reserved for the techies and affluent, the game players emerged in huge numbers. And so did hookers. You got everyone but someone looking to make a love connection.

The print personals were far from perfect. But at least you got dates. And no one spent the date looking at a damn phone.

And once in a while I DID make a long term love connection.

This is my last post on this site.

I am sorry for the generations that followed me becoming increasingly more frustrated when it comes to dating.

Japan may lose 1/3 of its population in a few decades due to the fact women dislike sex. And the dating age men in China who are average have little chance of finding love due to that coutrys one child policy. The rural villagers wanted sons as a form of social security and if the pregnant woman had a daughter the the husband would literally toss the infant into the nearest river and try again for a son. Hence, the few women can be as picky as they want.

You can look it up online if you want to confirm this.

I will end this post with good luck to the AVERAGE men and women in their quest for love

Richard aka jerked around

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