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secretmaturecontact is a con


secretmaturecontact is a con from the start.
they use pictures of females but the response is from a central team who all use the same language to use up credits you have purchased. stay away


I agree. Everything about this site is supicious. Almost all the women show their faces, even if they are married and are happy to tell you they like Anal sex, no matter what their age. They always live a long distance from you and are trying to get you to send a message (= $) on the barest of information. They never want to meet but say that they need time to get used to you.... Stay away


Concur , scam !!!! save your money would be funny if it wasn't so bluntly obvious what the site is up too.....but by then they have your money.


have received messages from this site which included email address. 4 in last 2 days! replied to all and received a long story from each. Interestingly they all apparently live in Australia, but are currently out of the country attending to sick or dying parents! Coincidence?? I don't think so!! An outright scam!!


After a short but expensive experience on this site, I decided to apply for a role, as a woman, on the other end. After passing a test, involving 12 questions and answers, I received this email from their administrator: -

How it works is that you play the role of women who are writing replies to messages from men on a dating site they subscribed to. There are tens of thousands of profiles of women and many men having conversations with them. You play the woman in the profile for each message that defaults to you when you are logged in. At the time of writing there are 1,223 messages requiring a reply. In a typical session logged in it is quite likely that every message you reply to will be from different conversations. Please also note that this is not text chat or instant messaging. OK, the next step, if you are comfortable with having a go, is I will get you set up on one of our websites. Payment 15p per message. This is all logged in the system to ensure you get paid. We pay you on a Wednesday based on everything you did from the previous Saturday to Friday. (Please note that if you earn less than £5.00 in any Saturday to Friday payment period it is carried over to the next payment period). You will be asked for your UK bank account number and sort code upon commencement of this position. We also run a weekly £50 prize fund competition where £50.00 is split between the top three performing admins. (Please also note that 50p will be deducted from the final amount of each payment we make to you to cover bank administration fees). Shifts There are no set shift patterns or hours that need to be worked. You can log in and out when you want. This flexibility is one the job's attractions. However, we do ask for admins to complete at least 75 messages in at least one week out of three. Admins failing to do 75 messages in one week, for three weeks in a row, risk losing their admin position. What's Next? To continue you will need to attach a photograph or a scan of your driving license, passport or birth certificate when you reply to this email, clearly showing your name and age. This is to ensure you are over 21 years old. We regret we CANNOT activate your admin account without this. We understand concerns over identify theft these days and therefore you are welcome to obscure any other parts of the document should you wish, but we must be able to see your name and date of birth. Please confirm you have read this, and also attach your ID /ask any questions you may have. Please note that you must be resident in the UK and have a UK bank account to be eligible for this position. (Please allow up to 24 hours between submitting your ID and receiving your login details, which will be sent to the email address you originally applied for the position with). Please also note that you may be allocated to work on either our UK or Australian sites, according to our recruitment needs at the time we activate your login.

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