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My secret sex contact


Any one had any experience of the above named website? You don't pay a monthly fee, but have to buy a bundle of credits which one is used for each message you send.

Always very cynical of many of these dating sites, as from past experience I've found a lot of them scams

Why me

I`ve been on the site and in my opinion its a scam.
Don't waist your time and money.


I contacted three "ladies" this morning to test out this feeling of being conned. They all replied in the same minute ! When I looked at the time the messages were timed at 1 hour before I sent my messages. Not bad for contact with local matches. SCAM but poorly managed.


I have been on the site and chatted with three women, a 4th to use up my last credit in process. Perfect English and all very sexy. As soon as you insist on using your email address they go cold. I have a distinct feeling all the good looking, and some less so, women are employed, and their only purpose is to get mugs like us to buy credits and chat. I very much doubt you will ever get to f*** them.

Besides the message time differences noted above, have a look at their pen name and another name in their bio. Often different, and you know how people tend to look like their name (or is that just me?), well the bio name usually fits better, and tends to be foreign..

Try the site out. Buy the minimum credits for £8. When you send/receive a message the first time insist on using your email. If they don't come back via it you will only be 1 credit lost.

You can register several times with different names, your email address makes no difference. Get 2 free credits each time. The same group of girls match with you from the same region each time.

I think I will get a job with My Secret Sex Contact as a chatter-upper, and watch a bit of sex at the same time, could be interesting, and do it while my woman is there. Big Grin


I am beginning to also believe it is a con, conversation is very bland and uniformed, both women I messaged just wanted to message & nothing else.
Con to get you to buy credits


It's a SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

They are trying to keep you chatting for your money and they have no interest in meeting anybody just replying anything to get you buying more credit but if you tell to answer via email or give them your mobile number they get stuck and they don't want to know.



I tend to agree to the other comments on this forum,especially when you get a teaser message saying "do you want to meet" & when you reply o,k then in a safe neutral place of your choice & a promise if you do not hit it off with them you will leave them alone as I am no stalker creep,(& I am not desperate as I am very lucky as I have a FWB ),any way after you suggest that there is just a prolonged series of evasive chat & when asked for some details even things like "What do you do for a living & what town do you live" etc just general stuff like that forget it,& always very short answers two lines if you are lucky,so any way I reckon it is *censored*,& is either like others have said a team of professional teasers or not humans at all & you are conversing with a load of Bots, just to get you to buy more credit,my advice is stay away from this site,you will not get your leg over,do not waste your money.

Mark g

Don't touch this site with a giant barge pole!! Biggest scam/con artists out there, based in Netherlands, only after your money, contacts they send don't even exist, messages come through 1 hr time difference to uk, pigeon English messages which don't seem consistent, you'll never ever meet these fictions contacts yet alone F--K one of them!!!!


total con if you do a reverse image search you can find most of the photos on the net.
this site should be shut down. I did join again and put up a profile that nobody in there right mind would go near and yet they thought I was nice. I am more annoyed with myself as you should not go on the net after a drink.
at the end of the day this is fraud and police should take action.

Pissed off

This site is a scam girl told me she lived in Norwich. So I asked her what colour was the ship in the river opposite the main train station.she got very nasty a defensive lol.if she had been from Norwich she would know it is a grey ex royal navy vessel .this company should be closed down.they are called festivus media bv.they opperate this scam allover the world .must be making a fortune.also the messages are never in english grammar. Always pigeon english

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