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Eroticy or AdultFriendFinder?


I got out of a bad relationship 2 years ago with an old g/f and have since had no luck... I'm still in need of a rebound...! I have spent a lot of time on eroticy and adultfriendfinder in search of a lady who wants to have some casual, no strings, harmless "fun". I've used the free trials, but was wondering if anyone had any luck with EITHER of these sites, or if they are both a waste of time. Can someone share their expertise with these sites if they have it, and suggest other online options that might have worked for them? I would consider trying one of them for a month, but not both... Thanks


The sex date sites are jokes or ads for hookers. If a woman wants sex, she does not have to use the internet. But there are exceptions to the rule but the woman probably will bring more problems than it's worth


AdultFriendFinder is mostly fake profiles - looking to get your email address to sell to spammers. They put up a bunch of pics saying they're from your hometown before you join, and once you join you find out there isn't anyone in your town. Don't fall for it.


Well I am in canada, and the site has worked for me, though lately I have seen alot of fake ADS, hookers etc, they do seem pretty obvious! Do miss the old days when Real people were on, sites like this are becoming more like the Yahoo chat rooms of today filled with BOTS, spam!

and it helps if you live in a metropolis AREA.


Alright, Idea I think the first mistake you are making is that you are expecting anything meaningful from the internet! I am a member of eroticy, and I just use it for saying "whats up" to the cute girls on there! They are probably men, but they got a damn nice pic! So take it as you may, but I just would not put my faith into something that is based off of a computer screen, in terms of dates. Nor relationships! The good old method is still the best method to use, which is go find a girl you like, spend some time with them, then just see if they want to go out with you on a more intimate manner. No computer screens involved!!!!!!!! Exclamation


That doesn't work if there's nobody interested nearby.


I think they are likely to be fake for the most part...however, I did see someone's picture on there that I know...and she is very easy. I couldn't contact here because of personal ties, but I'm sure she was looking for someone locally to bone.


I have found some "fun" at AFF and a friend of mine in Gainesville, Fl gets laid often by the chicks he meets on AFF. He has a cool screen name and a picture there. I think that helps.


I'm sure all those sites have their share of bots. I'm on eroticy on a regular basis and have met quite a few of real members. But just like the real world, there are phonies and you have to be careful and get to know people.


There is no such thing as free sex. If you want a no strings attached, its better to pay for it as no women is going to give it for free unless u have something to offer her in return, unless she is really desperate. Which woman is going to want to give free sex to a married men and then forget about it. If you get it free, be prepared to be harassed later.

I have been a member of for about 4 years now. I have found that most of the men there especially the ones that visit the chat room are just looking for free and easy sex. I used to lurk in the chat room and found that The men that visit the chat room normally dont even bother to at least date the women or take her for a dinner but instead tell her straight that they are in this hotel and this room number expecting her to come and just have sex with him, even if he has nothing to offer her. Many of the men who visit the chat room are also rude and tend to insult the women who decline them calling them names etc. Most of the men in the chat room just expect the women to meet them for sex. However I have communicated with some of the ladies and found that there are some men there who are more decent, apparently the decent ones do not visit the chat room but would send a mail directly to the women he is interested in. As for the men who insult others, despite complaints to the site administrator they are only suspended for a few days and then they are back with their insults. They would be a better and more decent site if they only allow paid members to chat as this will eliminate those men and even some women who use the chat room to insult others and also eliminate racism especially in the SEA room. Some of the ladies I have communicated with from that site informed me that they have stopped visiting the SEA chat room as found that there are no men of quality there. Also many members post fake pictures of porn stars or photos which are not of them. Many of the womens photos posted are clearly of porn stars minus the face. The women tend to place pictures of extremely sexy women with great bodies but the face would be cut out. Most of the women on also know as adulfriendfinder are escorts or women who would expect something in return for a good time, so if you do intend to meet up any ladies from there do be prepared to spend some money.

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