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Warning is completely fake!!!!


Quote by: help

Can anyone tell me plz how to delete a account .. i didnt pay for it .. i signed up free .. but now having second thoughts.. plz need help ! =(

I am considering signing up for fling, but then again, I am not ugly. I just live in a very small town with not much action.
I tried a month of, but the attractive women there are all after high income levels, which I don't currently have, although I'm working on it.
I had no problem letting my membership just run out. No auto-renewel on my credit card.
I have a considerable history of successfully getting laid by women I met in chatrooms (not pay chats). I got laid more my first year online, then I had the previous 10 in the "real" world. Sure I had to do some driving, 1-3 hours in most cases, although I had one woman who lived 45 mins up the pike from me, who drove down to see me and got laid and never saw her again.
None of this is meant as bragging. I am just saying that my previous online successes give me the confidence that I can mine the gold from a site like fling. I have experience. But as a rookie I had my share of online burns as well. In other words, like anything else, I paid my dues. I don't personally believe there is any way around that in any venture.


Look boys a a not unattractive girl myself Big Grin I know I dont need to sell myself in a g-string with my boobs out to get hits on a dating site, think about it. If you go to a dating site and its all hot pron stars you will be paying for something thats for sure. Try tagged or, hot or not also but anything that says fing or promises hook-ups with hot woman who just want to have sex with you (even though you are 60 and 70lbs overweight Rolling Eyes ) are not going to be real, if you want to visit a prostitute go to a red light district near you lol.


thnx 4 the heads up


Many of these sites don't have members. The reason they don't have members is not only due to the fact that they charge money to sign up but more importantly that they don't have a private payment system.

More and more people are realizing that when they give out their personal information they are paying the price in snail mail spam and sometimes compromised mastercard numbers.

Due to the later, I switched over recently to using Trust Cash in making all online purchases. It is an excellent service which allows me to monitor all of the sites I sign up for under one umbrella. In addition to that, my personal info is kept with them not a zillion other sites that I decide to join.

The fact that I can keep track of my history of payments is also cool.



Duh is fake.... alot of people are fake POF as well....

Some Dude

I signed up before, and I did get a lot BS emails, but I also got laid twice... one girl was FINE AS HELL, the other had a beautiful face and complexion, but she was over-weight... fu@% it, she was fat! The sex was great with both though!


Thanks everyone. It looked ridiculous when they asked for a 'picture id' to be sent to them. Exclamation


Quote by: Jill

Duh is fake.... alot of people are fake POF as well....

POF is actually pretty legit. You just have to have... oh you know... A BRAIN.

My coworkers were on fling and threw me up there, so I never paid for anything.

I would, however, suggest against paysites that have huge commercial advertising. You'll pay way too much :/

Jack Tors

Lot of morons in this thread. To all of you who say Fling is a scam, I ask you this? Why is it that I keep getting laid from this scam? Fling, like any other dating site or social networking site for that matter has what are called "bots". Basically fake profiles meant to lure you to other sites. It was a lot more prevalent on Fling back a couple years ago but there's still a bot or two around.


I tried to cancel my subscription & can't find out how. Anybody got info on that?

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