The Latest Niche Dating App Cuddli Helps Geeks, Dweebs, And Goobers Meet

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If cosplay is your idea of dressing up and your ideal vacation is a trip to a galaxy far, far away, a new app wants to help you meet your nerdy match.

Cuddli, available on both iOS and Android, is a self-described “dating app for geeks” where single oddballs can bond over common interests, a shared culture, and that most important predictor of compatibility, fandom.

Co-founders Steve Tauber, Robert Walker, and Pinguino Kolb designed Cuddli to be a safe and fun space where geeks are the popular kids and interests like gaming and Comic Con are celebrated, not ridiculed.

Like Tinder and many other apps, Cuddli uses GPS and a swiping mechanism to pair users. But unlike the competition, Cuddli does not feature a pending list of matches. Instead, users must respond to existing match requests before they can start matching again with new people, meaning no one is ever left in limbo waiting for a response.

When someone adds you, you’re invisible until you add them back. This is Cuddli’s way of addressing the creep-factor and awkward cringiness that seem so inseparable from the dating app experience. Should you choose not to accept, your digital invisibility cloak reduces the odds that a rejected match will try to reach out without your consent or find you on another platform.

Cuddli also differs from its contemporaries in its approach to profiles. Rather than filling out a lengthy bio or personality test, users select interest icons that indicate what most makes them geek out. Any mutual interests between matches are highlighted for easy identification. Making the first move is as simple as starting a conversation about one of these shared obsessions.

One of Cuddli’s most unique features comes after you’ve made a love match. If you successfully find a geek who makes your heart flutter, you can switch the app to ‘couples mode’. Couples can continue using the app to chat to each other, but aren’t allowed to match or chat with anyone else. Not only does it keep your relationship history on the app intact for romantic reference, it also guarantees your sweetie isn’t keeping their options open with some swiping on the side.

With the growing mainstream popularity of comic book movies, conventions, video game culture, and other mediums once considered niche and nerdy, the time is ripe for geek-centric businesses to thrive.

Download Cuddli from the Apple App Store or Google Play.