Facebook Dating Is Off To A Disappointing Start, Says Survey

  • Saturday, February 01 2020 @ 06:40 am
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Faceboo Dating Survey from Pipsay
Image: Pipsay

Four months after Facebook Dating’s launch, consumer insights platform Piplsay has released a report on the long-awaited feature. Piplsay polled 21,242 Americans to find out how successful Facebook’s foray into online dating has been so far. The short answer: it’s complicated.

Dating was introduced at Facebook’s annual F8 developers’ conference in 2018. After initially launching in a handful of countries abroad, the service finally made its US debut in September 2019. News outlets and dating industry competitors were quick to comment on the launch in exhaustive detail, but it appears that Facebook’s clout and the media’s seemingly-infinite coverage have not been enough to catapult Dating into the industry’s upper echelon.

Although seven out of ten Americans are on Facebook today, most of them are unaware that Dating exists. According to Piplsay’s poll, two-thirds of Americans (57% of survey respondents) haven’t heard of Facebook Dating. Twenty-four percent of respondents said they know about it but don’t use it. Ten percent said they didn’t know about it but are interested in trying it out. Only 9% know of Facebook Dating and are actually using it.

Those who use Dating showed little enthusiasm about the service. More than half said they didn’t expect to find better dates through Facebook than other dating apps, while 26% said they did and 23% said they didn’t know. Men expressed greater optimism about their prospects on Dating than women — 37% of male users said they thought Facebook could help them find better dates, compared to 20% of female users.

Respondents who had heard of Dating but hadn’t used it gave equally lackluster responses. While 18% said they found it to be better than other dating apps, 22% said it was no different and 60% said they had no interest in Dating because there are so many other dating services on the market.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the people polled by Piplsay expressed concerns about privacy and data security on Facebook’s dating platform. When asked if they trust Facebook to keep their personal information safe, 50% said no. Twenty-seven percent said they aren’t sure and 23% said yes. Millennials (34%) were most likely to trust Facebook, followed by Gen Z (29%), Gen X (23%), and Baby Boomers (10%).

We know trust is an essential ingredient in any relationship — including the relationship between a company and its customers — and Dating is clearly struggling to earn it. Facebook has not responded to Piplsay’s findings.