eHarmony Access

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I found out the other day that eHarmony is offering a new feature called “eHarmony Access”. It is just in the test phase at the moment so it is not available to all members yet. When you are canceling your eHarmony membership you now will have the option to choose to become an eHarmony Access member. As part of eHarmony Access once your full eHarmony subscription expires you still will be able to receive matches and most importantly view all photos of those matches. Sending Icebreakers will also be available to you as well as the guided communication (at least on Being an eHarmony Access member does require a monthly fee but it is much less than the cost of a full membership. This feature is a great way for people who do not have the time to be a full fledge member of a dating site but still wish to see what their matches offer just in case you see one that really sparks some chemistry.

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