Alexa’s Latest Skill? Finding You An eHarmony Date

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eHarmony New Skill for Amazons Alexa

There’s no shortage of apps and websites to help lonely hearts find love, but there’s only one voice-activated digital assistant playing matchmaker for tech-savvy singles.

Amazon is teaming up with online dating platform eHarmony to launch a new skill for its AI-equipped, hands-free Alexa speaker. eHarmony users who enable the skill will be able to hear their matches and messages by voice, and ask Alexa for more details about their dating prospects.

The ability to access eHarmony matches through Alexa is the latest move by eHarmony to make it easier for people to connect and date in a fast paced world. "Alexa provides a unique, human element to eHarmony," said Grant Langston, chief executive officer of eHarmony, in a statement. "The eHarmony skill for Alexa advises singles on matches who are compatible and sent messages. The eHarmony skill for Alexa also surfaces pertinent information, like location and occupation that some people might gloss over if they are just quickly swiping at attractive pictures. With the eHarmony skill for Alexa, people can focus more on the other elements of a profile by listening to her."

How does it work? Start by enabling the eHarmony skill on your Alexa device, then link your eHarmony account in the Alexa app. From there you can use your voice to navigate to sections of the dating service you’d like to hear about.

As Alexa reads through the profiles and tells you about your matches, it also sends photos of your prospective dates to your smartphone. Users with an Echo Show will see the photos displayed on the device’s screen, resulting in a completely hands-free way to experience eHarmony.

Here are some of the helpful phrases you can use with Alexa:

  • To check out your matches, say "Alexa, ask eharmony for my matches."
  • To read your unread messages, say "Alexa, ask eharmony to read my messages.
  • To hear who viewed your profile, say "Alexa, ask eharmony who viewed my profile."
  • To get a summary of your account activity, say "Alexa, ask eharmony to give me a summary."

Alexa also offers a bit of banter and encouragement with witty remarks such as...

  • "Oh my, you have a lot of new matches."
  • "Let me tell you about your first match. Ooh la la! She lives 5 miles away!"
  • "Oh and there is NAME. What a catch! He seems great."
  • "You have five unread messages, woo hoo!"
  • "You are popular today!"

“We also know online dating can sometimes feel like a daunting if not solitary task,” said Romain Bertrand, UK country manager for eHarmony, in a statement. “We’re confident that with Alexa on board we can increase confidence and create a deeper sense of intimacy for those using our service. Alexa will act as a guiding hand giving feedback on matches’ interests, personality traits and, crucially, their levels of compatibility.”

If you’re intrigued by this futuristic take on the ancient art of matchmaking, you can enable the eHarmony Skill for Amazon Alexa here.