Tricks Men Play To Get You To Email Back

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Ladies, this one is for you. (But guys, you may want to read it to know exactly what NOT to do.)

It's no secret that there are websites out there teaching men "tricks" to get women to email them. Some of them have pretty clever names, too. (My personal favorite is entitled "From Myspace to My Place." Skeevy, isn't it?) In fact, I've been approached by the guys who run these types of sites to write articles for them. Again, ew. Not going to happen.

Here are three of the email tricks guys will use to get you to write them back.

"I need a woman's opinion."

This guy will write you to ask for your opinion on a situation regarding a "friend." Could you PLEASE help? It would be so wonderful if you could just give him a little advice. But really, who asks a complete stranger for advice? And you know what? This is often the exact same email he cut and pasted to 29 other women that day. If the guy and his profile don't interest you, don't write back. Let one of those other 29 women "help" him. Delete!

"Wow, how have YOU been?"

These guys pretend like they know you from somewhere. Then once you write back to tell him that you don't really know him, he has you in his net. "Oh, you looked just like this beautiful woman I met at the farmer's market last weekend. Wow. You must be her sister or evil twin then! So..." Yep, it's all a trick to get you to write back. Delete!

"Are you drunk in that picture?"

These guys play the pickup artist game of insulting women to get them to respond. They often email to poke fun at your pictures. They're bad quality, they don't show enough of your body, they're all from the same angle, they make you look drunk or cross-eyed. Whatever they can come up with, they'll throw out there. Or they'll attach to something on your profile. Moral of the story? If you get an email with an insult, don't take the bait. Delete!

Normally, I suggest writing back to everyone who writes you, even if it's just a "Thanks but no thanks" form email. However, if a guy is obviously pushing buttons, you have my permission to just delete him and go on to the better men in your inbox.