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Reporting Fake Profiles may get you a Free Month at eHarmony

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The unofficial eHarmony Blog has a post about how she received a free month on eHarmony when she reported several fake profiles after communicating with members who were obviously not who they said they were. Poor english skills and huge inconsistencies where the warning flags.

No matter how hard a dating service tries, scammers are always going to get by the automated and manual checks of the dating site. Part of most dating services defences against scammers is to rely on their members to report them. In most cases people report fake profiles and move on, you never know what becomes of your report. Did the dating site follow up or did your email go straight to the trash bin? It's nice to see a service that acknowledged the problem and rewarded the members work with an additional month.

This is just good business for eHarmony. You don't want an unhappy member to go out and tell their friends.

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