Practice safe winking

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I'll be the first (and certainly not the last) to tell online daters to STEP AWAY FROM THE WINK BUTTON!

All too often, people use the wink function as the lazy way to tell lots of people that they find them attractive. In fact, there are many men out there who don't even read your profile, ladies. They just look at your main photo and decided if you're wink-worthy.

(This is why I tell my female clients not to get worked up if a guy who is totally incompatible winks at them. Just close out the match. Nine times out of ten, he won't email or bother them again.)

But there is a time when you can wink!

Are you ready to learn the magic time?

... are you SURE?

Okay, I'll tell you. The magic time to send a wink is immediately AFTER you send a short and sweet, personalized email.

Here's why:

If you're on a site like where there are paid and unpaid members, your email is only going to be read by the paid members. Unpaid members cannot read email. They can see that they have email in their box, but cannot even see who it is from. This mystery is what prompts many people to whip out their VISA and pay for a subscription.

If an unpaid member sees they have an email and also a new wink, they may make the connection and say, "Hey, I wonder if the email is from this guy/girl. They look pretty awesome!" Then they may be motivated to pay, read your email, and reply. WIN!

If a paid member sees you've emailed and winked, it's just a way of saying that you're really interested in them. WIN!

Practice safe winking and you'll most likely see a much higher response rate to your messages, and isn't that what we're all shooting for?

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