Ideas to Surprise Your Date

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You like them. You really, really like them! It’s the coolest feeling in the world when you meet someone you can get excited about and it makes you want to go the extra mile to please them. Without overdoing it, there are plenty of ways to surprise your date and get their attention. We all want to feel that the partner in our lives appreciates us and listens to what we like and don’t. So with that in mind, let’s talk about cool ways you can surprise your date.

Without going overboard and overwhelming your favorite date, think about the things they’re passionate about. Now, these might not be the same things you’re passionate about: remember that. The easiest way to get your date’s attention (aside from being a kind and respectful partner) is to encourage them in all they love in life. It shows your date that you’re not only secure with them being who they are, but that you like that person! During the surprise planning process, don’t make a big deal out of your surprise. Treat it like any other date the two of your share…and they’ll appreciate the twist even more!

Live music. What’s on their iPod? What’s “most played?” Check your local concert roster (radio station websites are great for this) and see if there’s a way to sneak in some tickets for a show with his or her favorite artist.

Sports events. Is your date a rabid sports fan? Get tickets to a game and try calling the public relations department for some special treatment. Maybe you can get the team mascot to come over and say hello or finagle a trip behind the scenes to the locker room or broadcaster’s booth. You never know until you ask!

Style gifts. Whether your date loves funny t-shirts with questionable sayings, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, hippos, butterflies or Stone Temple Pilots, there’s something on the racks for all. Take note of their favorite accessories and personal style and get them a new baseball cap, t-shirt or other accessory that says, “I think you’ll look awesome when you wear this!”

Tours, tours, tours. Put your thinking cap on – what does your date love? Where do they like to go? If you’re both wine drinkers, book a tour of a local winery. Both beer fans? Try a tour at a local microbrewery. History buff? A surprise trip to the museum followed by a picnic lunch. Huge fan of a local restaurant? Call the manager and try to arrange a tour of the kitchen and meeting with the chef. The possibilities are endless. Just think backstage, private, exclusive and hop on the phone to start making things happen!

Be sure to make it about them, not you. While it’s tempting to encourage our date to like something we really like, remember that the surprise process is about them. When you take the time to give them something or arrange something that’s up their alley, the kindness points will go even further than a surprise involving one of your passions. If you need help, don’t be shy: ask one of your date’s close friends for help in planning your covert adventure!

Throughout the surprise planning process, have fun! Your surprise shouldn’t be so complicated that you have to worry about parts going awry. Rather, make it simple. Easy-to-execute will keep your Surprise Day stress-free and give you optimal opportunity for the greatest surprise success! Remember: when in doubt, leverage their friends for ideas and make sure that you’re giving and planning on their terms, not yours. Surprises don’t go unnoticed and if you’re looking to show that special someone a little extra attention, these ideas should get the wheels turning.