2018 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Innovative

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2018 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Innovative

The 2018 Editor's award for Top Pick - Innovative goes to OkCupid. OkCupid is a dating service that really wants to match you with the right person. With OkCupids Match Questions feature it allows users to post questions for other members to anwser. You can even sepecify to have 1 or more questions to be answered before they can send you an actually message. Privacy is very important OkCupid. Members don't know if you have ever visited their profiles unless you like them or send them a message.

Speaking of messages, OkCupid revamped their member communication system recently. Gone is the traditional dating messaging system where you can message any member you want. With the new Conversations feature members can only message and/or read messages from someone else if they have either sent them a message first or expressed interest. This feature has increased matches on OkCupid by over 30% while decreasing unwanted messages by almost 70%.

Late last year OkCupid also announced than usernames are on their way out. Members are now required to enter an actual name. It does not need to be an individual’s legal name or even their full first name. Any name, nickname, or initials will do. This move by OkCupid adds more substance and depth to members profile.

OkCupid is considered a free dating service. Members can create a profile, search, and communicate with other members without paying a fee. There are paid upgrades but they are not features that are neccesary for finding a date. The service can be accessed at OkCupid.com and via their dating apps available on Android and iOS.

Read our review of OkCupid for more information about this online dating service or visit OkCupid directly.

This Year's Runner Up for this award is: Tinder