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BeenVerified’s mission is to help members discover, understand and use public data in their everyday lives. While online dating is a convenient and effective way to meet people, its anonymity means deception and scamming are a frustrating reality. That's where services like BeenVerified come in.

Founded in 2007, BeenVerified is a one stop shop that searches a variety of records. The site is easy, fast and affordable to use. BeenVerified simplifies the background check process by consolidating public record information from numerous sources into a clear, easy to understand report.

A variety of subscription options are available to suit different needs and budgets. Each subscription (one month, three months or six months) comes with unlimited: contact information, phone lookups, property address lookups, email lookups, and criminal court lookups. More advanced features can be purchased for additional fees.

Users who aren't ready to take the plunge with an unlimited membership can buy reports individually. A single report can be purchased for $29.95. If you do not receive results for a report, Customer Care will issue a refund.

BeenVerified offers free mobile apps for an on-the-go experience. An iOS app is available for iPhones and iPads, as well as an Android app and an app for Apple Watch. For iOS and Android, the apps can search criminal records, state and local records, social networks, court records and more. On Apple Watch, the BeenVerified app offers caller ID to determine who owns a phone number, where the number is located, and whether it belongs to a known spammer.

BeenVerified searches records across several categories to bring you comprehensive results. The 'Personal Info' section reveals, where available, a person’s full name, maiden name, phone numbers, age, known aliases, address history by “last seen” date, and current address location. The 'Addresses & Property' portion dives deeper into current and historical real estate assets.

The 'Criminal History Report' may contain arrest or conviction records as well as outstanding warrants and traffic violations. When a criminal record is found, BeenVerified details the offense along with the date and location of the crime.

Individuals who have a close relationship to your search subject are catalogued in the 'Relatives' report. In addition to family members, the report may reveal boyfriends/girlfriends, roommates, business associates and ex-spouses.

The 'Miscellaneous' section gives you the opportunity to run reverse telephone results, as well as run reverse email searches to see what social networks, where available, are attached to an email.

BeenVerified provides access to its proprietary AlertMe feature, which monitors public record changes and sends alerts when updates are found. No more having to stay on top of the data yourself - BeenVerified does the tedious work for you. For an added fee, BeenVerified can further enhance your experience with the Live Court Runner service. A court runner is dispatched to county court houses to obtain real-time criminal records.

Once your report has been compiled, it can be accessed from your BeenVerified dashboard. Simply log into the site, select the report you'd like to view, and navigate using the table of contents on the lefthand side. You can view, download, or print your purchased reports from the site at any time.

By merging public records into a single report, BeenVerified has alleviated the need to pay hundreds of dollars, visit thousands of county clerks, and search millions of websites to find the information you need. As an online dater, running a background check can offer a welcome sense of safety that makes the dating process care free and fun.

Positives of BeenVerified

  • Merges multiple public records into a single, easy to understand report
  • Subjects are not notified if you run a search
  • Can opt-out and have your information removed from search results

Negatives of BeenVerified

  • No background check service can be 100% accurate

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From $9.83 / month (or $29.95 / report)

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How it Works

  • The process is completed in 6 steps
    • Begin search by:
      • Name
      • Phone number
      • Email address
      • Property address
    • View search results
      • Locate the person you are looking for on the results page or modify your search. Click "That's The One" to begin compiling the report
    • Agree to terms
      • Agree not use information provided by BeenVerified for decisions about employment, insurance, tenant screening, consumer credit or any other purpose requiring FCRA compliance
    • Preview report
      • See a snapshot of the information contained in the report
    • Log in or sign up for account
      • An account is needed to view the report
      • Sign up with first name, last name, email address
    • View background report
      • Report is viewable after registering for a paid account
  • Mobile apps are available
    • iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android
      • Features
        • Criminal records
        • State and local records
        • Reverse phone lookup
        • Court records
        • Property records
        • Social networks
        • Relatives and associates
        • Licenses and permits
        • Purchase a subscription billed to your iTunes or Google Play account
        • Android app offers one free background report each month for the life of the app
    • Apple Watch
      • Features
        • Caller ID: See who owns a phone number, where the number is located and whether it is a known spammer

BeenVerified Costs

  • Prices last confirmed December 29, 2015. Please check BeenVerified for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or access point (this can include device used and/or if accessed from a website or app)
  • Prices vary depending on which products and services you select. Following are listed prices for several of PeopleFinders’ services:
  • One Month Membership
    • $22.86 / month
  • Three Month Membership
    • $14.86 / month
    • Save 35%
  • Six Month Membership
    • $9.83 / month
    • Save 57%
  • All Memberships Include:
    • Unlimited contact information
    • Unlimited phone lookups
    • Unlimited property/address lookups
    • Unlimited email lookups
    • Unlimited criminal court lookups
    • Unlimited bankruptcy lookups
    • Log in to view, download or print purchased reports at any time
  • For An Additional Fee:
    • Live Court Runners: Get real-time criminal records directly from county court houses
    • Comprehensive Report Upgrade
  • Pay-As-You-Go
    • Purchase a single report for $29.95
  • accepts most major credit cards and PayPal
  • Memberships automatically renew to the same term until cancelation
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you do not receive results for your report, Customer Care will issue a refund

Other BeenVerified Information

  • has been featured on Mashable, TechCrunch, TMZ, CNET and MSNBC

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