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PeopleFinders is an online service that provides you background information about other people. The world of online dating provides an incredible opportunity for people to meet new friends, talk with interesting people, and perhaps even find the love of their life. It’s a convenient, non-intimidating, fun way to date. But because the internet can create a mask of anonymity, unfortunately people may not always be who they say they are. That’s where PeopleFinders comes in:they provide background checks and other helpful services.

The PeopleFinders one-stop-shop allows you to find out about a variety of records, from personal contact info, to criminal background, to marriage and other court records. They use the same databases that government agencies use to gather information, so you know the information is reliable—and they search through billions of records to find the information you need.

PeopleFinders provides contact information for their customer service staff to get additional help, if needed—including a toll-free number to call during regular business hours. The “Help Center” and “Search Tips” sections of their site are thorough and provides answers to frequently asked questions.

While no single database will ever be 100% accurate (primarily because of the varying differences between local, state and national records), PeopleFinders provides reliable and accurate information.

PeopleFinders is a Better Business Bureau accredited company, with a C rating (at the time of this review update).

Positives of PeopleFinders

  • Easy to use, straightforward website
  • Fast people search – you can have a result for contact info within seconds (paid service)
  • Toll-free contact number for live help (during business hours only), as well as a useful “Help Center” page on the website

Negatives of PeopleFinders

  • No background check service can be 100% accurate
  • Too much on site advertising

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From $29.95 / month (or $19.95 / report)

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How it Works

  • There are four steps:
    1. Enter name and location
      The PeopleFinders site is user-friendly and very easy to use. You start by simply entering a name (last name is required, and nicknames and maiden names are accepted) and a city and/or state. If you want to retrieve broader search results, use less information. If you want more specific results, input as much information in the online form as you have.
    2. Search results
      Once you’ve entered name and location, click “Search” and you’ll be taken to a results page. From that results page, depending on the information you provided during search, there will be a list of results of various people. You can scan this list to try to find the closest matches. You can click “View Details”, which will take you to a page where you can select what type of report you’d like to purchase.
    3. Choose a report type
      You can choose to purchase from several types of reports—from basic contact info, to social profiles, to national criminal background checks. Under each report option, you can see a sample report to give you a good idea of what kind of information to expect.
    4. Purchase a report
      All reports have a cost associated with them (please see “Costs” section, below). You can pay by credit or debit card. The site easily walks you through the steps for purchasing, and clearly outlines what will be included in your payment.
  • Available background reports:
    • Find people – Old friends, coworkers, classmates or relatives
      • Name – current name, maiden name, or a common nickname
      • Location – enter a state and/or city to narrow the results, or use the last known city/state they lived in
    • Reverse phone lookup
    • Background check
    • Criminal records
    • Business ownership
    • Marriage/divorce
    • Birth
    • Social profiles (blogs, bios and videos)
    • Sex offender search
    • Bankruptcy/credit history
    • Property ownership

PeopleFinders Costs

  • Prices last confirmed December 27, 2015. Please check PeopleFinders for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or device used
  • Prices vary depending on which products and services you select. Following are listed prices for several of PeopleFinders’ services:
  • $1.95 – One People Search Report
    • This is a basic report for one person
    • Includes full name, current address, phone number, prior residences, relatives, aliases, age and date of birth
  • $14.95 for first month, $24.95/month thereafter – Unlimited People Search
    • Monthly auto-renew service
    • Save $10 on the first month (only) with the special introductory offer
    • Get unlimited people search reports
    • Does not include criminal check
  • $19.95 – One Background Check Report Report
    • This is a background check report for one person
    • Includes all of the details of People Search Report, plus marriage/divorce, property records, bankruptcies, judgments & liens, birth & death records, misdemeanors, criminal check, and sex offender check
  • $19.95 for first month, $29.95/month thereafter - Unlimited Background Check Reports
    • Monthly auto-renew service
    • Get unlimited comprehensive background check reports
  • Additional reports and pricing available depending on your search/inquiry
  • Cancel any time by contacting customer service
  • Most major credit cards accepted

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