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David Wygant – Guy’s Guide to Texting Review

Guy’s Guide to Texting Reviews

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Dating coach David Wygant answers the questions that cross most men’s mind once they get a woman’s phone number:“How long should I wait to contact her?” or “What should I say that will ensure she goes out with me on a date?” Wygant’s audio guide answers those questions. As text messaging becomes an increasingly popular way to communicate—especially in the dating world, it’s inevitable that you’ll find yourself wondering, “What should I text her?”

Wygant is a well-known dating coach. He’s been coaching men and women for two decades and has been featured in many popular media outlets. He offers many different services and products, and the Guy’s Guide to Texting is a to-the-point, concise audio file to help make you more confident the next time you text a woman. From the biggest mistakes men make in texting to the ultimate text to send at the end of the night, this audio covers all your questions about texting and dating. He also brings in real examples of his own experiences with successful texts, and tells you exactly what he (and the woman he met) texted back and forth.

In addition to the audio guide, this package also includes a printed PDF version of the audio, so that you can view all of the text messages that Wygant used. There are also several other useful audio files and mp3s included for free when you purchase the package. Included as a free bonus is access to one of Wygant’s recent online webinars that discusses the Guy’s Guide to Texting—essentially, 45 minutes of recorded webinar to hear answers to questions that you probably have about texting!

Wygant’s website also offers other helpful resources, including sign-up for a free email newsletter, a blog with helpful articles and access to dozens of free videos. All of these extras are a great supplement to the audio package—helping you really succeed in your dating life.

Positives of Guy’s Guide to Texting

  • 90-day “get more dates” guarantee:if you don’t get more dates within three months of applying the techniques, you can get your money back
  • Lots of free dating advice available on the website’s blog or via the email newsletter
  • Wygant is a well-known dating coach with a lot of experience in helping men vastly improve their dating life
  • Many testimonials on the website illustrate the success of this product

Negatives of Guy’s Guide to Texting

  • None known

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How it Works

  • Purchase the package
  • Download the mp3 audio file
  • You can listen to the audio file on your computer or on your mp3 player
  • Start using texting techniques you’ll learn in both audio files the next time you get a phone number
  • You will better understand how to text a woman and keep her interested in you

Topics Covered

  • Includes one audio mp3
  • Guy’s Guide to Texting
    • The biggest mistakes men make in texting
    • How to guarantee she’ll answer your call the first time you call her
    • Ways to increase the sexual tension
    • Know when to text and when to be sexual
    • How to get her over her shyness and be comfortable
    • The ultimate text to send her at the end of the night
  • Free bonuses
    • ebook version of the “Guys Guide to Texting” audio
      • Includes transcripts of the audio version
    • How to Give Good Phone (mp3)
    • Get Rid of the Cling-Ons (mp3)
    • Top 15 Explosive Texts (PDF handbook)
    • Recent “Guys Guide to Texting” 45-minute Webinar with David (webinar)

Guy’s Guide to Texting Costs

  • Prices last confirmed May 16, 2017. Please check Guy’s Guide to Texting for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or access point (this can include device used and/or if accessed from a website or app)
  • Guy’s Guide to Texting
    • $57.00

Other Guy’s Guide to Texting Information

  • David Wygant has been featured on MTV, Yahoo!, E!, Men’s Health, Fox News, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times and more
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