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Why No Reviews For here? Site for people over 50

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Sarah D

Hi all -- I am a Yale student writing an article on for a long-form journalism project. I would love to include insight from Stitch users. I'm fascinated by all of your reflections here. If you are willing to speak with me briefly on the phone, I would so appreciate it. Please email me:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks so much,


Quote by: Anonymous

I am not a member.76 yr old. On a website called senior people meet (SPM). I am good looking. educated funny and have grand kids. Divorced not by choice. I have read all the reviews. I think those that are not members. need to reconsider the age of the site and it's long term potential. So why am I writing this? a long story.

Simply because for the 4 months I have been on SPM I have been solicited by 4 prostitues and 6-7 scammers/spammers. Also I am sad to say that the women are rude in NOT communicating that they are NOTinterested. Simply NO response. You never know if they open up your message. And there are many that do not take the time to read my profile and constantly flirt to the point I have to block them after stating "I am sorry but your not a good match". You may ask why I am bocking them? well I am 5 ft 8" tall.. 155 pounds. I do not like OBESE women who are desperate for a man. Some are so unkept they look like men.
ARE you getting the picture. I have been on 4 meetings/dates. All looking 10-20 years older than their photo. NO honesty there.

IN conclusion, I started to reseach dating over 65 and came across I have yet to join but welcome a site where I can have pen pals of both sexes, friends both ways and hopefully a lady that will appreciate me for who I am and not how big my wallet is. I intend to join the site as soon as I move to another area of TX. If anyone wants to bash my 2 cents. Walk in my shoes first. I could have made this humorous but it is a serious issue with me and I can imagine other men also. God Bless you all and I hope to join your communuty soon.

I like your comment: "walk in my shoes first." I would try it and walk/run for a mile and then say something that may be disagreeable to you. Then I can run and guess what -- you got no shoes to catch me. :-)

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Stitch is different site. It's more of a community rather than a dating site and mostly for people 50 and above. I've met some nice people there and the community is friendly.


Friendly, really? I beg to differ. Some people are nice, but a bunch of them are on there spouting their beliefs about politics. Heaven forbid you should disagree with them. They will chop your head off! There is a handful of women on there who are all friends, who think they can run the show and not have to pay the price for their rudeness, and hurtful comments. I don't know why they are not banned from the site! Apparently I am not the only person who feels this way. I know of many who have left because of this behavior by this clique of women. The whole thing is such a bore. I will.definitely not renew.


I downloaded (stitch) before I found this page. Couldnt open the app on iphone after many tries so I removed it.

Im not looking to ‘hook up’ because us older folks know better - friends first. The younger people these days are too quick to jump in bed with strangers only to end up with std’s and broken hearts......I wonder why?

There is a huge market for secure,no nonsense apps for baby boomers (large group with disposable income) to network, meet new friends and potential partners. Now, if only there were smart techies to realize this. Hmmmm.


Hi! I’m thinking about joining Stitch for friendships, community activities or finding a travel companion. Is there a big community in Los Angeles? I can’t find out from the site.


I just signed up for Stitch and now am worried it's a scam. Stitch invited me to browse profiles. When I tried, little info was available unless I got verified. Verification, said that Stitch page was by FB or LinkedIn. A click of the FB link brought the notice that FB is no longer doing verifications. A click of the LinkedIn link brought-- nothing. That link doesn't work. Nor does the contact Stitch link.

Wish I had skipped Stitch!!


Wow, I am certainly glad I read the reviews on here before joining Stitch. Thank you all for saving me some money. As you can tell I believe the negative reviewers because they give the brief to the point reviews. The positive reviews are mostly long winded and seem to be trying way to hard to be convincing. You can pick up this sort of thing and feeling after reading blogs and such on the net.
Thank you


Dear Andrew,
I'm considering a Stich subscription. I haver would questions for you:
- I'm only just in my 50s and would be nice to have a 'transition' age-category of people 48+ Would you consider that?
- I live in South Wales (UK). How many members from my area do you have please?

Thank you for your reply.
All best,


Quote by: LuxTempo

Its not very good. I don't recommend it.
It advertises itself as not just a dating site but also a place to make friends. But they make it difficult to date or make friends. Its either free or $15.00 a month. The free option basically gives you nothing.
Here's what you get or don't get for your 15 bucks...
1. You can't browse profiles. Instead you are sent 3 to 4 profiles a day of people who (based on your profile interests) you might be interested in either romantic and not romantic. If you want to see more, you must BUY coins (scam)
2. If you are interested in someone, you cannot contact them directly, instead its this whole cloak and dagger scenario where you have to wait and see if they are interested in you. It's stupid.
3.There are events listed on the event page. Problem is that you have to click on the event graphic to get the pertinent information (where, when,etc). It was time consuming and mostly disappointing as there are literally events listed all over the world. I don't know why I'm being shown events in Melbourne, Australia when I live in the southwest region of the U.S.
4. They try to make it seem like they have a lot of members. But I suspect they do not and thats why they keep everything controlled and not user friendly.
Don't recommend it. Save your $15.00 a month.

They should have 1 month free for new members like all other sites have. That way you know what you are getting into when the next month rolls around. I thought it it was 5 dollars a month 15 is to much on a fixed income.

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