eHarmony on the Fox Business Network

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In late August CEO Greg Waldorf appeared on Fox Business News. You can check out the full segment below:

Some topics of conversation in the interview includes eHarmony's 10 year Anniversary and eHarmony's estimated $250 million in revenue last year. Investors look to take companies public when the cross the $100 million in revenues mark and Fox business asked Waldorf why they are not pursuing in taking eHarmony into the public market. His answer was that they are focused on running the business but it may happen in due time. He also hinted to the fact that since eHarmony has been profitable for a number of years now, they have no real need for the cash that a IPO would generate.

Another interesting piece of news is that eHarmony's iPhone Dating App is generating almost 10% of the website traffic (in the US). This was a traffic number I wasn't expecting since the app was just 2 weeks old at the time of the interview and it also has not been aggressively promoted. Waldorf also said they plan to add additional features to the mobile dating app in the future.

Waldorf also mention eHarmony's affiliation with the European dating service eDarling. eDarling operates in 8 European countries with the most popular one being the German dating site ( I have know of the connection for a while now but it is the first time that I have heard Waldorf mentioning it.

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