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It's election time!

Politics is the biggest topic in America right now, so naturally eHarmony wanted to get in on all the election excitement by providing a peek into the political perspectives of American singles. The site polled thousands of members on the biggest issues, like taxes, socialized medicine, and the economy, facing Americans right now. Here's what they had to say...

eHarmony members are almost evenly split between the major political parties.

  • 29,000 of the 148,000 (20%) polled consider themselves Democrats.
  • Slightly more - 39,000 or 26% - call themselves Republican.
  • The majority, however, say they are "neither." 80,000 (54%) prefer not to align themselves with a political party.

When it comes to sharing a brew, however, eHarmony members are clear about who they would prefer to crack open a cold one with.

  • 64% cast their votes for Obama, compared to 36% who voted for Romney.
  • Those 36% are likely to be disappointed...because Romney doesn't drink.

Most eHarmony users are not in favor of socialized medicine.

  • 58% sided with Romney on the issue.
  • 42% took Obama's side.

On the sensitive issue of taxes, eHarmony users say they think Mitt Romney hasn't paid his fair share.

  • 66% say Romney owes more than he has paid.
  • 34% think he's all squared away.
  • Most eHarmony users also think that millionaires should pay more taxes. 71% answered in the affirmative while 29% answered in the negative.

Do eHarmony users think Obama is responsible for America's high unemployment rate?

  • Most don't. 68% say he didn't create the problem and it will take years to fix it.
  • 32% think Obama is to blame and he doesn't know what he's doing.

Many eHarmony users think the future looks bleak.

  • Just 12% say they think the economy is on the rise.
  • 44% say they have completely lost faith in the global economy.
  • Another 44% believe there's still hope that the economy will work itself out.

Where the Iraq war is concerned, eHarmony users overwhelmingly think it was a mistake.

  • 64% say the war wasn't justified, compared to 36% who support it.

There was also a clear majority for the question "Do you believe in a separation of church and state?"

  • 82% gave an emphatic yes, while just 18% said they believe church and state should be tied together.

Most eHarmony users also think the government should be kept small.

  • 65% think government is more effective when it's small.
  • 35% think government functions better when it's big.

And now for the most important question of all...would eHarmony users want to be president? 40% said yes, they would be happy to trade places with Obama or Romney, but 60% said becoming president would be their "ultimate nightmare."

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