You’re Not Supposed to See My Profile! What to Do When People “Find” You Online

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Who's not looking for love? I mean, aside from your married friends and colleagues, who isn't hoping to find that one special person to spend their life with? It's inevitable that you're going to digitally "run into" someone you know if you're in the online dating scene long enough. What you do when you run into those people, though? Whether a boss, co-worker or friend, we've put together some tips for the best way to communicate during these scenarios:

Scenario 1: You find your boss or go-worker/your boss or co-worker finds you
Awkward to say the least! Have no qualms about the acceptable nature of online dating. After all, your boss apparently thinks it's OK or they wouldn't be on the site. My advice is to not send them a message through the online dating site. Rather, during business hours, ask for a minute of their time and explain the situation to them. Indicate that you saw their profile and fully respect their privacy. Contrarily, if your boss finds your profile, you have to respond to how they chose to handle the situation. If they say nothing, say nothing in return. If they choose to contact you, just indicate that you'd prefer to keep your work and personal lives separate.

Scenario 2: You find a friend/a friend finds you
Did we really think our friends don't date? Well, they do - just like us. And many of them use online dating sites to get the job done. If you come across a friend's profile, no matter how good a friend you are, let them do their thing. Mention to them in person and again, avoid contacting them through the online dating site's messaging system. If you guys are really good friends, many sites have a "suggest a match" feature where you can send your friends on the same site people that they might be interested in. What a great way to build on a friendship! If a friend happens to find you online, manage the situation based on how friendly you two are. If you're close, have a laugh about it. If you're more of an acquaintance with the person, there's no harm in asking them to respect your privacy.