Why are there more Negative Dating Reviews than Positive?

  • Sunday, April 01 2007 @ 06:26 am
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We have a fair number of user submitted reviews on our site and I've notice lately, there are a greater percentage of negative reviews of dating services than positive.

Why are the user ratings of the majority of dating sites so low? There are several reasons, the main one being is, more singles tend to search out dating service reviews when they have had a bad experience. They want to meet other people that have had similar dating problems and share their story. These people tend to take the time to write out a review to warn other singles.

Singles who have had good experiences with a dating service usually spend their time at the dating site, not looking for dating reviews. They usually don't see the need to find review sites to post their experiences. What they tend to do is either notify the dating site itself and comment on their positive experience (hence the "Success Stories" dating services post on their sites) or they mention it directly to friends and family.

The other thing I found is a fair number of negative reviews tend to be written by younger men. Younger men have greater competition when dating online since older men's dating range tends to be from their age too sometimes as much as 15 years younger. This obviously conflicts with younger men. Older men are usually more successful (been working longer) which also adds to the problem. These facts can cause younger men greater frustration when dealing with online dating.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't complain, there is a lot of things dating sites could do better. It just so happens that some of our reviewers find our site because they have had bad experiences. We have started an Ad campaign to hopefully lure in more people to post positive experiences of dating services to balance things out.