Why create a user account at Dating Sites Reviews.

  • Sunday, January 14 2007 @ 10:51 am
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There are several advantages of creating a user account here at Dating Sites Reviews. The first one is the ability to create a unique user name. This will allow you to post reviews & ratings, comments and forum posts as that user. Where as if you post as an anonymous user (with a nickname) other users could potentially post as you using the same nickname (it does happen sometimes). When logged in as a user you also do not have to worry about our SPAM prevention CAPTCHA system (where you have to enter the correct sequence of number and letters that are represented in a graphic before you can post any info). This is automatically disabled for logged in users.

The second main advantage is email notifications. If you post on the forum you can setup the ability to have our forum email you as soon as someone replies. This is a great feature and saves you time from coming back here to check your post to see if you have any replies. You can turn this feature off anytime and we do not give email addresses out to anyone.

Creating a user account also allows you to edit your own forum posts. This enables you to update or change any info you need to later on.

The last main advantage of registering a user account is the ability of other users to email you privately. This is done through are web site and are own email system so your email account you used when you registered is never given out.