China's Rich find Love Online

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Golden Bachelor is an online dating service based in China. This dating site caters to the super-wealthy of China with a top tier "Diamond Love" membership going for $44,000 USD or 300,000 Yuan. The Golden Bachelor has 5 million registered members. Every male member must have a personal or family wealth of at least 2 million Yuan or $292,000 USD.

This Chinese dating service employs psychologists and matchmaking consultants to help their clients get matched with the perfect partner. They also employ "Love Hunters" who travel the country looking for single women who meet the high standards of the Golden Bachelor's clients. These employees are also the ones who throw matchmaking parties to help bring their clients and the bachelorettes together. One such party held in December of 2009 in Beijing, had a ticket price of 100,000 Yuan. 22 men and 21 women attended. The women took part in a wedding fashion show, cooked, and danced in a talent contest. From this event 18 of the men had setup dates, giving the party an 80 percent success rate.

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