The differences between Online Dating Sites Free Trial Memberships!

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There are 2 main types of dating sites free memberships.

There is the free trial membership that has limited features. The main feature of this free membership type is, it remains available for you as long as the dating service is in business. You are allowed to log in and create a profile and upload pictures and most likely video of yourself. You also are allowed to search for other members and to see what matches the dating service suggest are compatible with you. What they don't tell you in big flashing letters is that you cannot communicate with any other members. These dating services usually allow you access to all the features of the dating site except the communicate features. You probably will be able to access your mail account and view any mail, winks (hugs, kisses or what ever they call the introduce yourself, I am interested in you dating one-liners) sent to you but you cannot reply back. The online dating service hopes with this type membership is that:

  1. You will be hooked on the free unlimited trial period.
  2. You will be impressed by the layout of the dating sites and the features they offer.
  3. You will find someone you want to communicate with.
  4. Someone has sent you a message you want to reply too.

If you meet one or more of these points, you will most likely want to then sign up for a paid membership that will allow you too communicate with other single members online.

The second free trial membership type is a full access membership with a time limit. These memberships include access to all parts of the dating site that normal paid members have access too. The only major difference is, you are usually limited to a 3 or 7 day time period. This is enough time to check out all the features of the dating service such as, online chatting, searching through their members for possible matches and maybe even starting a few mail conversations (it does take time for people to reply to their mail since a fair number of people tend to use the dating sites only on the weekend when they have time). One thing to watch for is that about half of the dating services (in my experiences) require a credit card for these type of free memberships. Once the time trial is up, they then start to bill you as a paid member unless you make a request after you have signed up to cancel your membership. Dating services that use this type of free trial memberships in my opinion tend to have a more accurate members list since these canceled members profiles are usually removed from the system.