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2014 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Over All

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2014 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Over All

The recipient of the Editor's Top Pick - Over All Award for 2014 is Match.com. This is the eighth straight year that Match has won this award and been our Editor’s number one choice for a dating service.

There are a number of reasons why Match continues to succeed and see double digit membership growth year over year. Match’s concentration on continuing to improve their mobile products is one reason (and why they are the recipient of our new Dating App award). One of the other reasons is that their service is really easy to use. From uploading photos (on average 3.6 photos for women and 2.8 photos for men) to sending out messages Match.com has found the right balance between features offered and ease of use.

Match is also not afraid of trying new ideas. In 2014 they introduced Major League Baseball team fan pages on their site which not only gives you the latest news on your favorite team but it helps you to connect with other fans. Another idea that is popular is the MatchMade Scholarship. This is a program with a budget of $50,000 which was setup for children whose parents met on Match. Which is a lot of children by the way, since 1995 Match.com matches has resulted in over 1 million babies.

Read our review of Match.com for more information about this online dating service or visit match.com directly.

This Year's Runner Up for this award is: Plenty of Fish