2008 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Innovative

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2008 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Innovative
Lavalife PRIME

This award was probably the toughest pick this year, since a fair number of dating sites last year had some major updates and new features implemented. In the end, it came down to which dating site innovated in a way that was not only exciting but most importantly, made it easier for members to learn about each other and to find a match. The recipient of the Editor's Top Pick - Innovative Award is Lavalife PRIME. This is a relatively new dating site (2007), for singles 45 years and older. This dating site puts more of an emphasis on the social aspect of dating. As a member you get the ability to search profiles, a message center for emails, group and 1 on 1 chatting and the ability to partcipate in Lavalife PRIME's active forums. This dating and friends community is designed equally for you to learn about other members through online communication, and by searching for profiles based on your matching criteria. What makes this dating service innovative and sets them apart from other dating communities is their Life Experiences feature.

The basic idea of this feature is for members to learn about you through your own life experiences. You can have as many life experiences as you want in your profile. You can either create a life experience entry by modifying one of the many samples Lavalife PRIME provides, or create one from scratch. To start, you pick an icon that defines your experience. You then create a title and pick a date your experience took place. Finally you write a detailed description of your experience. Photos, audio and video can also be included as part of your Life Experience. When you view a members profile you get to see a summary of their Life Experiences arranged in a timeline. The summary includes a small photo or icon, the date and the title. Users then click on the summary to view the full Life Experience entry.

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This Years Runner Ups for this award include (in no particular order): Match.com and FriendFinder.com.