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Been in 41 states, 100's of cities, and scores of ghettos. I've waited in line for dinner with homeless at soup kitchens in L.A.. I've drank beer with Bill Maher in Virginia Beach. Always I've wondered, Where does a king find loyal and noble men to serve him with their very lives? Most assuredly I've found, He doesn't. For not even the king himself is loyal. Loyalty was rare prior to , but now, the world is neck deep in the sea of never ending temptation & opportunity that is social media. To think loyalty will be found, & the land of happily ever after spotted on the horizon is just... silly. I cannot believe it took half a life span of scattered shattered shards of a heart for me to finally join the party. Life is not lived, it is experienced. Love is a free spirit, it cannot be chained or caged as it will die in captivity. Whether by death or decision ,inevitably & always, it will sure enough be gone one day.

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