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Tagged launched back in 2004 as a social discovery website. At that time they allowed members to create profiles, tag each other, send virtual gifts and eventual play games with other members. Since then this social/dating service has gone through a number of changes including in 2011 acquiring Hi5. Soon afterward, both services were combine creating a total membership base of 330 million users. Tagged also jumped on the mobile platform quickly and has millions of app installs on both Android and iOS phones. In fact, Tagged see on average over 20,000 new members every day and over 10 million chat messages a day.

With the app redesign in 2017, Tagged become a full fledge social dating service. With the current features offered through the app, it is easy to meet new people, make friends, date, and potentially hook up.

To join Tagged you can either connect your Google or Facebook account, or signup with your phone number or email. Not much beyond your name, birthdate, and location is required initially to login and have a look around. You will need to add a photo though to send and receive messages. The Tagged app is broken into 5 main features: Browse, Meet Me, Chat, Live, and Pets.

Browse allows you to find members near you in a gallery like format and offers limited search filters to narrow your results. Meet Me is Taggeds answer to Tinder and offers the ability to swipe left or right on members to Like or Pass on them. When a match is made each of you will be notified and you can begin messaging each other. Chat contains all your conversations with other members and is the go to place to find your latest messages. Tagged does offer a paid subscription service called VIP which gives members a number of premium features related to Browse and Meet Me. One of the main perks of VIP is no online advertisements. As a free member of Tagged you will see a lot of Ads.

With Live, Tagged went full into video and has become pretty successful at it (unlike a lot of other dating apps). Instead of just one on one video, Live is a one to many video streaming feature. Any member with their phone can setup a broadcast which any other member can watch (who is not blocked). Members who view the video can also chat directly in real time with the streamer and other viewers. What makes Live successful are the virtual gifts. These cost Golds (Taggeds in house credit system) which in turn cost actual money to buy. Every time someone send a virtual gift to a streamer they earn diamonds which they can later cash in. This may seem a little shallow for those in search of love, but it works well for Tagged. Broadcasters tend to be very engaging and their viewers seem to really enjoy it.

Pets is a throwback to Taggeds earlier days. It is a social game designed to get members to interact with each other. Pets allows members to buy and collect other members (in the game only). Each time a member is bought their value increases by 10%. Each time a member is purchased they also receive half the profit (the other half goes to the seller). Your ultimate goal is to have a Pets collection that is worth the most. Pets Cash can also be purchased by using Golds as well if you don't want to wait for someone to buy Pets in your colleciton for you to earn more money.

Tagged is definitely geared towards adults from their twenties to their forties. You will not find nudity on Tagged but some of the photos are more risky than those you find on a more traditional website. If live streaming of video by real people is what you are looking for then Tagged is a service you should check out. If finding a date is what you want, while Tagged will work for this, there are better options available.

Positives of Tagged

  • Free to join and message with other members
  • Free to view live streams and broadcast your own video stream
  • Easy to interact with broadcasters by chatting, sending stickers, etc...

Negatives of Tagged

  • If you are free member, there is WAY too much advertising. It is everywhere. On the bottom of the app, when you are looking at photos, going through the gallery
  • Big difference between the features and functionality offered on the app compared to the website
  • The website layout is dated with a lot of advertisements which looks like clutter
  • Very basic search parameters in Browse and Meet Me
  • A lot of members will message you to visit other pay sites

Editors Bottom Line

What should you take away from this review of Tagged? Our expert explains:

"Tagged" uses live member video streams and social games to allow members to interact and find others who may spark their interest. Unfortunately if you are not a VIP subscriber there are a lot of advertisements.

At a Glance

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
Member Numbers:
100,000,000+ ?
Cost per Month:
Free to $12.99 / month
Membership Types:
Free - Basic + Contact
Paid Upgrade

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Tagged Profiles & Sign Up Process

Your Tagged Profile

Whether you sign up via the website at Tagged.com or on the dating app (available on iOS and Android) it is an easy and short process. You can choose the typical methods to sign up and verify your Tagged account either by connecting your Google or Facebook account, or using your mobile phone number or email. Since the recommended way to access Tagged is through the app our review will mostly be based on the app except where noted. We did check out the Tagged website and it functions fairly similar to the app so this review does apply to both. The only feature it seems to be missing from the website version is the Live streaming.

After you pick your signup method and verify your account Tagged will ask you for the following information:

  • Sign Up
    • Name, Birthday, Gender (pick either male or female), Ethnicity
    • Location - Either use your phone's location or manually specify your Country and Zip code

It takes about a minute to fill out and that is all you need to use the Tagged app. You are then taken to the Browse section of the app. At this point Tagged will ask you to rate the app which is a little soon since you haven't even done anything except create an account.

You can then go ahead and take a look around and search for members. If you want to be visible to other members and be able to contact members (or use the Meet Me feature) you must then upload a profile photo. You can upload as many photos as you want (we saw profiles with 25+ photos).

You can enter more profile information if you choose to help your profile standout more. The website actually allows you to enter more information than the app (like your Tagline, and interests including Movies, Music, TV, Books, Sports, and custom entries). To find your profile tap on the icon on the top left to open the main menu. From here click on your profile photo icon to view and edit your own profile. You can then modify any of the existing information and photos you have already added and add additional info (none of it is required). This includes:

  • About Me
    • Include a text description about yourself
  • Details
    • Relationship Status (It's Complicated, Single, Dating, In a relationship, Engaged, married, Open Relationship, Separated, Divorced, Widowed)
    • Orientation (No answer, Straight, Gay, Bi)
    • Religion (other, Atheist, Catholic, Jewish, etc...)
    • Language (can multi select a number of dialects)

With the website you can also add YouTube widgets to your profile to showcase your favorite videos. You can also select from a number of different profile skins to give your profile page a more unique look.

Relationship Types Allowed

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Bisexual

Your Relationship Status

  • Single
  • In a Relationship
  • Married
  • Separated
  • Divorced
  • Widowed
  • Not Single/Not Looking

Relationships You can Find

  • Casual
  • Dating
  • Friends

Tagged Costs

Tagged VIP Subscription

Tagged offers a basic free membership which includes streaming (app only) and messages (read and send). A VIP subscription is offered as an upgrade which gives you additional premium features. Tagged also has 2 virtual currencies. The first one is called Gold which members can use to buy things for other members or on certain features. Diamonds is the second virtual currency and is the one members can earn by streaming their own broadcast and have other members spend gold on them.

  • Prices last confirmed July 15, 2019. Please check Tagged for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or access point (this can include device used and/or if accessed from a website or app)
  • Free Membership
    • Includes:
      • Creating your profile
      • Using Browse to search for other members
      • Comment and Like photos
      • Sending and receiving messages
      • Using Meet Me to find users interested in you
      • Watch streams of other members and communicate with them via chat
      • Broadcast your own stream
      • Play the Pets game
    • Costs:
      • None
  • VIP
    • A paid monthly subscription service for users who want access to Taggeds premium features
    • Includes:
      • Everything from the Free Membership
      • Advertisement free
      • See a list of who likes you in Meet Me
      • The ability to undo your last Meet Me 'No' vote
      • See who has viewed your profile
      • See who has read your messages
      • Filter by Attractiveness in Browse
      • Access to the most popular people
      • See the new users first
      • Priority customer service
    • Costs:
      • 1 month for $12.99
      • 3 months for $8.99 per month ($26.67 total) Save 31%
      • 6 months for $6.49 per month ($38.94 total) Save 50%
  • All subscription options auto-renew and can be canceled anytime
  • The Tagged.com website also accepts Paypal

Virtual currencies are a major part of Taggeds economy. Users spend gold to impress video streamers and as an encouragement to get streamers to talk about different topics or to perform a task. In turn Tagged will award streamers with diamonds. $1 spent by users can buy between 770 and 2,963 Golds (depending in the quantities you buy them). In turn, $1 is worth about 400 Diamonds to streamers. The real question is, the conversion of gold that the user spends, to diamonds that the streamer earns. How much does Tagged keep for themeselves? Does anyone know? (if you do please comment below!)

  • Gold
    • Currency to buy items or additional features. Golds can be purchased or earned by watching video advertisements or with other offers (like taking surveys). Watching one video will earn you about 16 golds
    • Use For:
      • Virtual Gifts - Purchase gifts for people you message or watch via their streams. Gifts range in price from 500 golds (for example a single rose) to 100,000 golds (an airplane). There are 24 virtual gifts in all
      • Super Likes - 750 golds will get you 5 additional Super Likes which can be used in Meet Me
    • Costs:
      • 5,000 Gold for $6.49
      • 20,000 Gold for $12.99 (100% extra)
      • 50,000 Gold for $26.99 (150% extra)
      • 150,000 Gold for $66.99 (173% extra)
      • 400,000 Gold for $134.99 (264% extra)
      • 800,000 Gold for $269.99 (256% extra)
  • Diamonds
    • When a user sends a virtual gift to a streamer they will earn Diamonds based on what the virtual gift cost in Golds
    • Diamonds are also used to track the popularity of a streamer. The more Diamonds a streamer earns the higher they will be in the leaderboards and the more exposure they will get to other Tagged members
    • Diamonds can be traded in for cash or gold by streamers when a certain amount is reached
    • Cash Rewards:
      • For 80,000 Diamonds receive $200
      • For 200,000 Diamonds receive $500
      • For 400,000 Diamonds receive $1,000
    • Gold Rewards:
      • For 200 Diamonds receive 2,000 Golds
      • For 500 Diamonds receive 5,000 Golds
      • For 2,000 Diamonds receive 20,000 Golds
      • For 10,000 Diamonds receive 100,000 Golds
      • For 40,000 Diamonds receive 400,000 Golds

Tagged Viewing & Communication Features

Tagged Dating Tools

The Tagged dating app is the preferred way to use the service since it allows members to broadcast and stream video (the website does not). The Tagged.com website allows for a larger viewing area for searching, viewing profiles, and supports all other features (except Live).

Tagged at one point was heavily into social games. Pets was Tagged's first game and is only one of a couple that remain to this day. It is similar to a fantasy league, Tagged members use virtual cash to purchase other Tagged members and own them as pets. You can collect more, barter them with other players, or sell at a set price.

When viewing a Tagged profile, or the Browse gallery, or the bottom tool bar (or main menu) there are several tools you have access too including:

Send a Message on Tagged
  • Profile
    • View the members feed, photos, Pets summary (value of collection, Pets owned, last active, etc...), and the rest of their profile information including interests (movies, tv, books, sports)
    • Give Luv
    • Send a friend request or if friend already can mark as a Top Friend
    • Send a message
    • Add to Wishlist for Pets
    • Report abuse or block profile
  • Photos
    • Click on any photo to view a larger version
    • Swipe left or right to view any additional photos
    • Photos can be liked and commented on
  • Chat / Message
    • The Tagged Chat section combines traditional messaging and real time, one-on-one instant messaging (chat) into a single threaded view. All of your communications with other members are stored in one place under "My Chats" so it's easy to continue a conversation right where you left off
    • When sending the first message from the members profile you can pick from a list of predefined messages or write your own
    • Some members may require you to be friends first before you can message
    • With messages you can attach photos, stickers, and gifs from GiPHY
    • Can also send virtual gifts
  • Video Calls
    • Tap on the camera icon to start a one-on-one video call within the Tagged app
    • Video call requests can only be sent to users with whom you have previously exchanged text messages
Tagged Pets Game
  • Pets
    • Pets is a fun game designed to get Tagged members to interact with each other. The game allows you to 'own', 'buy' and 'sell' other members like a fantasy team. You can compete with all your friends on Tagged to see who can gain the highest value in Pets or just buy and sell Pets to meet new members
    • Basic Concepts of Pets:
      • Every time your own Pet is purchased your value goes up by 10%
      • Any time you or one of the Pets you currently owned is purchased you get half the profit
      • Logging into Tagged every 4 hours gets you bonus Pets Cash (based on how many you own)
    • The Pets page is broken into 4 areas:
      • Home
        • Shows your Pet value, your Pet Cash amount, and the total value of your Pet collection
        • Can view a list of your current Pets, Pets on your Wishlist
        • See a list of achievements earned like "Pets Lover", "Frequent Shopper", "$1000c Successful Tycoon", etc...
        • At the bottom of the page it lists recent activity of Pets (bought and sold)
      • Browse
        • Shows a list of Pets available for purchase
        • Basically all Pets can be purchased (you can't block a purchase), the only requirement is if you have enough Pet Cash
      • Rankings / Standings
        • See a ranking by members of those who have the most assets. This can be filtered by country and time
      • Gold
        • Allows you to convert Gold to Pet Cash (called Nd). 1 Gold is worth $145,000,000 Nd
  • Favorites
    • Shows a list of your Favorites and Fans. Tapping a favorite takes you to their full profile
  • Likes You
    • Takes you to Meet Me and the Likes you list
    • Requires a VIP subscription to view
Send some LUV on Tagged
  • Friends
    • Your list of Friends
    • Lists any friend requests you may have. Can tap the check mark to accept or the X to pass
  • Feed
    • You can view a Feed of Everyone, just your Friends, or your own. Feeds can be further filtered by gender, age range, and location
    • You can post text and photos to the Feed. Feeds also show when someone updates their profile
  • LUV
    • LUV are points which when given are added to a members LUV Meter
    • You can visit another user’s profile page to give LUV or send it from the LUV page (accessible from the main menu)
    • Each member gets 10 LUV everyday (you can purchase more with Gold). You're LUV excess points does not expire
    • The LUV page lists your recent LUV activity (if you have ever given or received LUV) and also allows you to convert Gold to LUV. 1 Gold = 1 LUV
    • When you give LUV you will 6 options worth from 1 to 25,000. Whatever amount you give will then be added to the members LUV Meter
    • When you send LUV your own LUV Meter will also receive points
    • When you receive LUV you will also be given LUV you can share with other members
    • LUV Meter points expire after 7 days. This means your meter may fluctuate as you send and receive LUV

Tagged allows you to find members a number of different ways. This includes live video streams (mobile app only), browsing other profiles, and using the Meet Me game for matching.


Live Video Streaming on Tagged

Live are video streams from other members. These videos are a one-to-many streaming feature that allows a single user to broadcast themselves using their phone to just 1 or even hundreds of other Tagged members. Live is available only on the mobile apps and is not supported on the Tagged.com website. To access Live just tap the Play icon on the bottom bar on the app. The Live page is setup in a gallery format showing members who are streaming. Each streamers card displays their main profile photo along with their name, the distance from you and the number of current viewers. If the streamer is ranked in the leaderboards then you will also see an award icon in the top right corner of their card. The Live section has 5 tabs allowing you to filter streamers by Trending, Nearby, New, and your Favorites. Tapping on the Award icon will take you to the Leaderboards. Here you can view all the streamers by rank (All Time, Live Now, or This Week). Leaderboard streamers are displayed in rows and also include more profile information along with the amount of Diamonds they have earned. From the Live section you can also launch your own broadcast as well.

When you watch a stream you can chat in real time with the broadcaster and other viewers. On the stream you can:

  • See the number of times they have been favorited and number of viewers
  • See the broadcasters top 3 fans (top fans are those who have sent the most gifts)
  • View the latest text messages from the broadcaster and viewers. Messages includes thumbnail photo of member and name
  • Send a text message, give them some love, send a friend request, or send a virtual gift

Virtual gifts are an important part of Live (and the economy of the broadcasters). Each one you send costs you Gold (which can be purchased with real money). These virtual gifts are more than just an image to the broadcaster as they earn a certain number of Diamonds from each one (these Diamonds can then be cashed in by the broadcaster at a later date). Sending a virtual gift will get you noticed by the broadcaster and if you chat with them they will most likely answer more of your questions.


Browsing on Tagged

Browse is the first option on the bottom tool bar of the app and also can be found in the main menu (accessed by clicking the hamburger icon at the top left corner of the app or top bar on website). When you browse members, profiles are displayed as cards in a gallery (2 across on mobile and 4 across on website). Each card shows a photo of the member along with their name, age, and location. A green circle icon indicates the member is online now and a purple arrow icon indicates that the members location has been confirm by their device. The first row in the gallery shows the members who are live streaming. Tapping on these members takes you right to their stream. The other members displayed when you tap/click on their profile photo will take you to the chat/message window where you can pick from a stock predefined message to send or you can write your own. Some members do require you to be friends first before sending them a message which Tagged will prompt you to request the member to be a friend if needed.

To view a members profile and feed from Browse you need to click/tap on their user name. From here you can view their Feed, Photos, Pets, and the rest of their information (including all profile details and interests). You can also send them a message, add them as a friend, and "Give LUV".

You can filter members in Browse by taping on the icon on the top right corner. You can filter members by gender, age range, location (city and country), relationship status and ethnicity. These settings are saved so when you come back to Browse it will always use the same filters.

Scattered every 4th or 5th row in Browse are advertisements. They are not too intrusive (some are video ads) but can get annoying sometimes especially since Tagged already displays an ad at the bottom of the app.

Meet Me

Tagged Meet Me Feature

Meet Me is Taggeds version of matching and works VERY similar to Tinder. Tagged was originally known for their social games so with Meet Me they have gamified the process a bit to keep with their image. One requirement of using Meet Me is your Sexual Orientation must be filled in for your profile. If it is not Tagged will automatically request this information from you. Once you tap on Meet Me (found on the bottom bar or in the main menu) you should first visit the filters which can be accessed via the icon on the top right of the app. Like with Browse you can specify to filter members by Gender, Age Range, Location (near me or another city), and Relationship Status. Unlike Browse for some reason Ethnicity is not an option.

With Meet Me you get 3 options: Play, Likes You and Matches. With Play, Meet Me shows you one Tagged member at a time based on your filters. The members photo, age and location is shown. You cannot view their profile at this time so this is the only information you have to base your Like decision on. You can either swipe right or tap the Star icon (for yes), swipe left or tap the X icon (for no) to specify if you like the member or not. You can also Super Like the member if you want. To do this you must click on the Shooting Star icon. The number beside this icon indicates how many you have (more can be purchased or you can wait 12 hours to receive a free Super Like.) VIP members also have the option to undo their last vote by clicking on the Rewind icon. When you click on Yes for a member, you will be added to their Likes list. Likewise if they click on Yes for you, the member will appear in your Likes You list. One thing to note is that the Likes You list can only be viewed by VIP members so it may take a while to get some mutual matches for free members. VIP members can right away Like (or not) any members found in the Likes You list. With a Like, Tagged gives you the option to include a graphic sticker with your like to help show your personality and maybe increase your chance of getting a Like back.

When you and another Tagged member have liked each other a 'Match' will be made. These Matches appear in the Match tab at which point you can send them a message and add them as a friend.

Other Tagged Information

  • Tagged parent company is Ifwe, Inc. It's parent company is The Meet Group. The Meet Group acquired Ifwe Inc. in March of 2017
  • In October 2014, Tagged aborted plans to perform an initial public offering due to revenue issues
  • Tagged purchased Hi5 in December of 2011
  • In 2019 the Tagged app was one of the top ten earnings in the dating app category

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