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Coffee Meets Bagel Logo
Coffee Meets Bagel/SOMA Central
United States
Business Started:
April 17, 2012
Brands & Partnerships:
Coffee Meets Bagel
Main Service Areas:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, International
Service Available Via:
Website, iOS and Android
Number of Members since Launch:
7 Million [2019 #2]

Coffee Meets Bagel History Summary

Coffee Meets Bagel was founded in 2012 by sisters Arum Kang, Dawoon Kang, and Soo Kang. It was first released for iOS, then in 2015 released for Android, and finally the service was accessible from their website in 2018. Early in 2015 the Coffee Meets Bagel appeared on Shark Tank in which they turned down an offer by Mark Cuban of $30 million for the company (they were asking for $500,000 for 5%). This was by far the largest offer on Shark Tank and garnered them a lot of free publicity for their dating service.

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) requires a Facebook account which it uses to retrieve a person's information and photos to setup a profile (called a Bagel). This app was considered one of the first dating apps which is female friendly. Originally a user was given one quality match per day (called a Daily Bagel). In 2016 to compete with Tinder Coffee Meets Bagel introduced a feature called Ladies Choice. Female users now can receive five matches per day from men who have liked their profile. Men of Coffee Meets Bagel can now view 21 potential matches per day. Matches are usually based on mutual Facebook friends you may share with other CMB members near you. You have 24 hours to like your match or it will disappear. If both members like each others profile you can then message them. The app differs from other dating apps by limiting the number of members you can view each day.

The basic features of Coffee Meets Bagel is free. Members can purchase credits (called Beans) or earn them by inviting friends to use the app. Beans are used to unlock enhanced features like revisiting missed matches with Rematch or revealing the identity of a match's mutual friends.

Late in 2018 Coffee Meets Bagel app and logo was redesigned and now has a cleaner, more modern aesthetic.

Coffee Meets Bagel Facts By Year


  • General
    • Coffee Meets Bagel has made over 50 million matches since launch. [1]
    • The first Sunday of the year was CMB biggest chat day. January is the most popular month. [1]
    • Coffee Meets Bagel has real people checking photos, and responding to accounts that user users flag as suspicious. [1]
    • If you don’t login for 14 days on Coffee Meets Bagel, your profile is put on HOLD automatically. [1]
    • In 2018 CMB developed a model to catch scammers automatically. In 2019 they plan on to expand this and use a third party solution as well. [1]
    • Coffee Meets Bagel was hacked on February 11. They notified users on Valentine’s Day. About 6 million Coffee Meets Bagel users was affected. Forensic security experts have been hired to audit their system and infrastructure. [2]
    • According to Sensor Tower the company has grossed since launch over $25 million (end of 2018), up 30 percent over 2017. Over 7 million users have installed the app. [2]
    • CMB paying users now have access to two new premium features: Unlimited Takes (like as many bagels in Discover section) and Priority Likes (your profile will show earlier in Suggested matches). [3]
  • Finances
    • Of all the dating apps in Google Play, Coffee Meets Bagel earned the 8th most revenue in quarter 1 of 2019 (it did not place in the top ten for the App Store). [3]


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  • General
    • Coffee Meets Bagel has announced the launch of CMB Experiences. These Experiences are real-world events and spaces where people can visit and enjoy together. [1]
    • The first CMB Experience is Camp Meets Bagel. It is an all-inclusive adult summer camp set to take place in May. [1]
    • Since launch Coffee Meets Bagel has made over 2.5 billion introductions on their service which resulted in 112 million chats. [2]
    • Coffee Meets Bagel ahas help create over 50 thousand couples in long-term relationships. [2]
    • CMB saw a 387% spike in users who didn’t want to login with their Facebook accounts after the Facebook privacy scandel. [3]
    • Coffee Meets Bagel now allows users to create an account with their phone number instead of just Facebook. [3]
    • Coffee Meets Bagel redesigns their logo. The coffee and bagel icons are replaced with a C and B interlinked to form a heart. Currently the mobile app icons remains the old logo. [4]
    • Coffee Meets Bagel redesigns the app’s interface which now boasts a cleaner, more modern aesthetic. [4]
    • A new comment feature has been added to help members make more efficient use of their time. In testing this has increased messages sent by 60%. [4]
    • Members can now use the dating service straight from the website. [4]


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  3. Coffee Meets Bagel Allows Users to Login Without Facebook
  4. Coffee Meets Bagel Launches Redesigned Interface And Commenting Feature


  • General
    • Coffee Meets Bagel has partnered with Yelp and has launched the website Date Spots. This dating tool is designed to help users to find a place to take their dates. [1]
    • Coffee Meets Bagel has partnered with Spotify and has launched the MixTape. This website allows users to create collaborative playlists with their dates. [1]
    • A new feature called 'question of the day' allows users to record up to eight seconds of video answering the question, which then appears in the video section for other users to browse. [2]


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  • General
    • Coffee Meets Bagel new feature called Photo Lab allows users to A/B test photos by uploading two options and letting other users vote for the best one. [1]
    • A new feature called "Ladies Choice", allows female users to receive five matches per day from men who have "liked" their profiles. [2]
    • Coffee Meets Bagels user base is 53% female. [2]
    • "The US Dating Awards" honors Coffee Meets Bagel with an award. [3]


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  • General
    • CMB dating app now is available on the Android OS. [1]
    • Coffee Meets Bagel goes international and is now available in Hong Kong. [3]
    • Hong Kong users are logging in 4.3 times per day, and 72% log in each day to check their matches. 62% of the Hong Kong user base are women. [3]
    • United States users log in 2.8 times per day. More users in the United States are women than men. [3]
    • Since launch Coffee Meets Bagel has seen consistent 20 percent week on week growth which is primarily driven by Facebook. [4]
    • 98% of membership in both the United States and Hong Kong have bachelors degrees. [4]
    • Coffee Meets Bagel now had an app for the Apple Watch. [5]
    • A tweet from CMB on June 14th about Flag day became a marketing disaster as flag was misspelled. It is also Pride day and people were not happy with the slip up. The tweet was quickly took down and a apology made. [6]
    • The new "Send A Woo" feature allows users to express extra interest in a potential match. [7]
  • Finances
    • Coffee Meets Bagel secured $7.8 million in a Series A financing round led by DCM Ventures (who already is an existing investor). [2]
    • The founders of CMB appeared on Shark Tank looking for $500,000 for 5 percent of Coffee Meets Bagel. Mark Cuban offered them $30 million for the company. They turned him down. [4]


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  • General
    • Coffee Meets Bagel is an app that provides matches through your Facebook circles. Matches are 90% more likely to say yes to a match with you if you share 4 mutual friends. [1]


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  • General
    • Coffee Meets Bagel launches new iOS app and becomes available nation wide. [1]
    • Coffee Meets Bagel has now made more than 1.5 million matches. [1]


  1. Coffee Meets Bagel Is Now Nationwide And Mobile


  • General
    • Coffee Meets Bagel the free dating service was created by three sisters: Arum, Dawoon, and Soo Kang and launched in New York city (which it is only available in) on April 17, 2012. [1]
    • New users are verified via Facebook. [1]


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