Request a review!

We get many dating site owners every week asking us to review their service. While we would like to review everyone’s site it is just not practical for us. It is also not fair to our visitors as it will become confusing if we offered them hundreds of options.

If you feel your site should be reviewed please read the article Our Reviewed Dating Sites and Apps Minimum Criteria to see if your site meets our standards. If you believe it does then you can go ahead and send a message to our Editor to request a review.

With your message please include why you feel your dating service stands out along with the number of active members you have, the niche that your dating site serves (if you have one), how long you have been in business, and any other information you feel is relevant. We will also need a username and password for a premium membership to your dating service so we can gather information to write the review.

Please do not request a review for a dating site that has no members or is brand new.