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Facebook Information, Statistics, Facts and History

Current Basic Facts

Facebook, Inc (Founder Mark Zuckerberg)
Business Started:
February, 2004
Number of Members:
845 million monthly users (2012)


  • Dating, Relationships & Marriage
    • 50% of all Facebook relationships that have survived three months are likely to survive to four years or longer. [1]
    • Breakups tend to spike in spring and again in summer on Facebook. [1]
    • Facebook Messenger is testing a new feature that helps friends to get together and meet up. [2]


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  • General Information
    • Over 50 million businesses use Facebook Pages. [2]
    • Starting in June dating services will have to be pre-approved to advertise on Facebook. The rules for approval and advertising guidelines were decided by a committee made up of large advertisers and require companies to follow a strict standard, who target just single people, and do not use any suggestive images. [2]
  • Members
    • 1.59 billion have accounts on Facebook. [1]
    • The typical Facebook user has 155 friends, but only describes 50 of them as friends in real life. [1]
    • 35% of people have Facebook friends they've never met in person. [1]
    • In the United States, people are connected to each other by an average of 3.46 degrees of separation. This means you can be connected with every other person on average in 3.5 people. [1]


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  • General Information
    • Facebook can determine when a relationship starts between its members before they actually post about it online. Facebook uses the data they gather to help determine a number of romance-related patterns. [1]
    • You can now "ask" for profile information on Facebook that is hidden. This includes relationship status. When you do ask, you are then prompted to tell the person why you want the information. [2]
    • In 2013, Facebook made almost $8 billion in revenue. This is 4 times as much as the whole US online dating market ($2 billion). [3]
    • Couples who met on Facebook tend to be younger and happier than couples who met in any other way (online or off). [4]
    • 7% of people who married after meeting online met on a social network like Facebook. [4]
    • Facebook now allows the anonymous service Tor to be used when accessing their service. [7]
  • Members
    • Facebook admits to running experiments on users. One example is they displayed more negative news feeds to see if it affects the emotions of users own posts that they write later. [5]
    • Facebook has 391 million mobile-only users and only 240 million desktop-only users. [6]
  • Finances
    • For Q2 2014 Facebook revenue was $2.91 billion. Total daily user count is now at 829 million. [6]


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  • General Information
    • Facebook announces Graph Search which allows a user to find what they are looking for through their connections and friends. [1]
    • Facebook is the most popular social media site with 140 million unique visitors a month. [2]
    • According to a survey about 39% of college-aged singles send out a friend request on Facebook before a first date. [3]
    • 79% of women and 63.5% of men say they must be mutually exclusive in a relationship before posting their relationship status on Facebook. [3]


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  • General Information
    • On average only 12% of your friends on Facebook will see your status updates. [1]
  • Finances
    • Facebook filed its paperwork for an initial public offering on Feb. 1, 2012. [2]
    • The S-1 estimated Facebook had a value of $100 billion and that they were hoping to raise $5 billion dollars with the IPO. [2]
    • Facebook's opening trading price was $42 but closed at $38.25 a share at the end of the first day of trading. [2]
    • In 4 weeks following the IPO Facebook stock fell as low as $25.52 and is now hovering just under the $30 mark. [2]


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