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Facebook, Inc. (Founder Mark Zuckerberg)
United States
Business Started:
Brands & Partnerships:
Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR
25,105 (2017)
Main Service Areas:
Service Available Via:
Website, iOS and Android
Number of Active Members:
2.27 billion monthly active users [2019 #4]

Facebook Dating History Summary

Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004 (originally called TheFacebook), by Mark Zuckerberg, along with some of his fellow Harvard College students and roommates. It started out as a tool for Harvard students but quickly expanded to other universities and then high schools. By 2006 Facebook was open to anyone 13 years or older and who had an email address. In 2010 Facebook announced it had reached 500 million users and by 2012 it had reach 1 billion users. During the same year Facebook held its initial public offering , valuing the company at $104 billion. As of March 2018 Facebook is valued at over $538 billion and has 2.2 billion monthly active users.

While never promoted directly as a dating tool for singles by Facebook, many dating companies like Zoosk and Are You Interested got their start on Facebook as an app. Thanks to the Facebook friends functionality it was easy for these apps to use their members friends lists and locations to recommend matches. Since these apps were allowed to post on a persons Facebook wall (timeline) many enjoyed initial success due to the viral publicity the wall posts generated. Over the years Facebook apps and privacy concerns have evolved and many Facebook dating apps have disappeared and been replaced by websites, and phone apps found on iOS and Android. Many of these services still use Facebook for login credentials and too verified that the person exists. With a users permission, information and photos from their Facebook account is also used for their dating profile.

In 2018, Facebook announced "Facebook Dating" at a developer conference. By September 2019 Facebook Dating was available in a number of countries including the United States and Canada with more expected in 2020 including the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. Facebook Dating is built into the Facebook mobile app but has its own separate profile and messaging system. Only people who you are matched with will see your profile and Facebook does not match you with friends, and only friends of friends if you opt in. Users will be match according to location and interests (they cannot perform their own searches). Facebook Dating is competely free.

Please note this page only contains the information about Facebook related to online dating and relationships.

Facebook Dating Facts By Year


  • General
    • Facebook Dating is the recipient of the 2020 Dating Sites Reviews Editor's Top Pick Up & Coming Award. [1]
    • In a survey of 21,242 Americans about Facebook Dating it was found: [2]
      • 7 of 10 Americans are on Facebook.
      • 57% haven’t heard of Facebook Dating.
      • 24% have heard of Faceboo Dating but are not using it.
      • 10% did not know about it but are interested in trying it.
      • 9% know of Facebook Dating and are using it.
      • As of 2018 the US population is 327.2 million. Therefore 229 million are on Facebook and 32.72 million are using it.
      • 51% of Facebook Dating users don't expect to find better dates through Facebook than other dating apps. 26% said they did and 23% said they didn’t know.
      • 37% of male users said they thought Facebook could help them find better dates, compared to 20% of female users.
      • 18% of Facebook Dating users said they found it to be better than other dating apps, 22% said it was no different and 60% said they had no interest because there are so many other dating services.
      • 50% said they do not trust Facebook keeping their information safe. 27% said they aren’t sure, and 23% said yes.
    • Legal
      • Facebook has been forced to delay the launch of its dating service in Europe after failing to provide the European Union data regulator with a required assessment of privacy risks to users. It was their intention to roll out Facebook Dating on 13 February. [3]


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  • General Information
    • Users ages 13 to 35 were paid up to $20 per month plus affiliate fees to install the iOS or Android “Facebook Research” VPN app that tracked their smartphone and web activity, a program referred to in some documentation as “Project Atlas”. [1]
    • Apple spokesperson announced that Facebook had violated the App Store’s policies with the Project Atlas app and has had their enterprise certificates revoked. This means a number of apps Facebook uses internally stopped working. [1]
    • Reported Features of upcoming Facebook Dating:
      • Facebook Dating will allow users to share information about their dates with friends and family on Messenger. [2]
      • Facebook Dating gender options include Woman, Trans Woman, Man, Trans Man. [2]
      • Facebook Dating groups will show suggested matches. [2]
      • Users will be able to pick and answer questions for their profile that are provided by Facebook or created by users. [2]
      • The “Live Location Sharing” feature gives users the ability to share their location and plans with a Facebook friend or family member (via Messenger). [4]
      • The “Auto Profile Create” feature automatically generates a profile by gathering photos and information from your existing Facebook account. [4]
      • The “hobbies” feature allows users to find others with similar interests. [4]
      • Secret Crush allows users to select up to nine Facebook friends they want to stealthily express interest in. [5]
      • At the F8 conference Facebook announced plans to expand into 14 more countries. [5]
    • Facebook plans to combine Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp into a single messaging network. When complete, users will be able to message friends from their preferred platform without the need to switch between interfaces. [2]
    • Facebook Outage of March 13: [3]
      • On March 13, Facebook and its popular group of apps including Instagram and WhatsApp were unavailable to many users across the globe for over 14 hours.
      • By the morning of March 14, Facebook had identified most of the problems and were completing fixes. A server configuration change triggered a cascading series of issues.
      • It is estimated that this outage cost Facebook 10s of millions of dollars.
    • Facebook executive Chris Cox who joined in 2005, and Chris Daniels, the head of WhatsApp have both resigned. [3]
    • It is estimated that Facebook has an average daily revenue of $189 million. [3]
    • Facebook now has 2.27 billion monthly active users with over 200 million who have their relationship status set to single. [4]
    • Phone numbers linked to the Facebook accounts of more than 419 million users (133 million are U.S. users) have been found online thanks to an insecure Facebook server. [6]
    • Facebook Dating in the US launched on September 5th. [7]
    • Facebook had considered entering the online dating industry as far back as 2014, but ultimately put the decision on hold and granted Tinder, special access to user data. [8]
    • More than one billion Stories are currently shared on Facebook every day. [9]
    • Facebook has indicated that the platform will be moving away from its newsfeed towards features like Stories which include short-term photo and video content. [9]
    • Facebook Dating now allows users to include stories from their Facebook and Instagram feeds. [9]
  • Legal
    • Facebook was ordered by the Federal Trade Commission to pay about $5 billion in fines for privacy lapses, including its maligned partnership with Cambridge Analytica leading up to the 2016 elections. [7]
    • Attorneys General of eight different states have launched an anti-trust investigation of Facebook, specifically concerning the company’s privacy practices and purchases of WhatsApp and Instagram. [7]
    • Leaked communications show that Facebook gives preferential treatment to some companies to access personal user data, and denying this to other apps, essentially taking away a level and competitive playing field. This is from an ongoing lawsuit between Facebook and Six4Three, an app developer that sued the social network in 2015. [8]
    • Data from 267 million users leaked online in December including names, phone numbers and unique users IDs. [10]


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  • General Information
    • Research firm Cambridge Analytica was accused of hijacking data from 50 million Facebook users and using the data to influence the 2016 U.S. election. [1]
    • When Facebook changed its privacy and security restrictions it prevented people from using some dating apps like Tinder. [2]
    • Facebook fires Engineer over accessing private personal information of Facebook users. He was using the information in messages on Tinder. [4]
    • Reported Features of upcoming Facebook Dating:
      • At the F8 developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is launching a dating feature in the near feature. [3]
      • Facebook will not include online advertising besides dating profiles. They also will not use data associated with dating profiles in any other online advertising. [5]
      • Facebook will provide users with a separate dating profile page, distinct from a personal Facebook page. [5]
      • Users will be match according to location and interests. [5]
      • There will be a separate messaging service specifically for dating (text only). No messaging of matches over your personal account. [5]
      • Facebook friends won’t be able to see your dating profile, and it’s up to you to decide whether or not to allow users with mutual friends to see it. [8]
      • For your Facebook Dating profile you may select from a list of options such as Woman, Trans Woman, Man, Trans Man, and Non-binary. [8]
      • “Conversation Starters” is designed to help singles break the ice and has a purple-and-pink color scheme. [8]
      • If you delete your Facebook profile, your dating data will also be deleted. [10]
      • There is a Missed Connections feature, where for example you can connect with someone who attended the same event you did last week. [11]
      • Oversized photos of potential matches are front and center, along with their ages, first names, locations, and how many Facebook friends you may (or may not) have in common. [11]
      • You will not be matched directly with your online friends. Only friends of friends and/or strangers (depends on your settings). [11]
      • You can answer user questions or “like” their photos. [11]
      • You can only message potential dates over Facebook Dating when you have acknowledged something in their profile, anwsered a question or expressed interest. You are only connected when the other person messages you back. [11]
      • Users can pause their Facebook Dating account and start it up again later on. [13]
      • Second Look is a feature which allows users to reconsider matches they have previously passed on by going back through their Suggested Matches or reviewing profiles they may have accidentally rejected. [13]
      • You can block users and prevent them from showing on Facebook Dating and from communicating with you. You can reveiew your block list and unblock profiles if you change your mind. [13]
      • Facebook plans to introduce a preemptive block list that would allow a user to hide their profile from selected people who are not already on their Facebook friends list. [13]
    • 75% of Tinder users want to keep their dating world separate from their Facebook world. [7]
    • Facebook is now interally testing Facebook Dating. [8]
    • Facebook announced they will be assigning users a reputation score that relates to their trustworthiness, based on whether they circulate fake news articles and how often. [9]
    • Facebook Dating launches first in Colombia. Facebook wants the opportunity to see how actual people use it and how it compares to other dating apps. [10]
    • Facebook was hacked and 50 million user accounts was compromised. This was announced on September 28, 2018. [12]
    • Facebook Dating is now being tested in Canada and Thailand. [13]
    • On December 14, Facebook revealed that a bug had exposed the photos of millions of users to outside developers. [15]
  • Finances
    • 98.5% of Facebook's revenue comes from advertising. [7]
  • Legal
    • Facebook has reportedly given personal data of its users to an exclusive roster of preferred companies such as AirBnB, Badoo, Netflix and Lyft. Facebook’s preferential treatment of some companies over others could be a violation of federal anti-monopoly law. [14]
  • Members
    • 200 million Facebook users list themselves as singles. [3]
    • As of January Facebook had 2.2 billion monthly active user. [6]


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  • Dating, Relationships & Marriage
    • 50% of all Facebook relationships that have survived three months are likely to survive to four years or longer. [1]
    • Breakups tend to spike in spring and again in summer on Facebook. [1]
    • Facebook Messenger is testing a new feature that helps friends to get together and meet up. [2]


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  • General Information
    • Over 50 million businesses use Facebook Pages. [2]
    • Starting in June dating services will have to be pre-approved to advertise on Facebook. The rules for approval and advertising guidelines were decided by a committee made up of large advertisers and require companies to follow a strict standard, who target just single people, and do not use any suggestive images. [2]
  • Members
    • 1.59 billion have accounts on Facebook. [1]
    • The typical Facebook user has 155 friends, but only describes 50 of them as friends in real life. [1]
    • 35% of people have Facebook friends they've never met in person. [1]
    • In the United States, people are connected to each other by an average of 3.46 degrees of separation. This means you can be connected with every other person on average in 3.5 people. [1]


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  • General Information
    • Facebook can determine when a relationship starts between its members before they actually post about it online. Facebook uses the data they gather to help determine a number of romance-related patterns. [1]
    • You can now "ask" for profile information on Facebook that is hidden. This includes relationship status. When you do ask, you are then prompted to tell the person why you want the information. [2]
    • In 2013, Facebook made almost $8 billion in revenue. This is 4 times as much as the whole US online dating market ($2 billion). [3]
    • Couples who met on Facebook tend to be younger and happier than couples who met in any other way (online or off). [4]
    • 7% of people who married after meeting online met on a social network like Facebook. [4]
    • Facebook now allows the anonymous service Tor to be used when accessing their service. [7]
  • Members
    • Facebook admits to running experiments on users. One example is they displayed more negative news feeds to see if it affects the emotions of users own posts that they write later. [5]
    • Facebook has 391 million mobile-only users and only 240 million desktop-only users. [6]
  • Finances
    • For Q2 2014 Facebook revenue was $2.91 billion. Total daily user count is now at 829 million. [6]


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  • General Information
    • Facebook announces Graph Search which allows a user to find what they are looking for through their connections and friends. [1]
    • Facebook is the most popular social media site with 140 million unique visitors a month. [2]
    • According to a survey about 39% of college-aged singles send out a friend request on Facebook before a first date. [3]
    • 79% of women and 63.5% of men say they must be mutually exclusive in a relationship before posting their relationship status on Facebook. [3]


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  • General Information
    • On average only 12% of your friends on Facebook will see your status updates. [1]
  • Finances
    • Facebook filed its paperwork for an initial public offering on Feb. 1, 2012. [2]
    • The S-1 estimated Facebook had a value of $100 billion and that they were hoping to raise $5 billion dollars with the IPO. [2]
    • Facebook's opening trading price was $42 but closed at $38.25 a share at the end of the first day of trading. [2]
    • In 4 weeks following the IPO Facebook stock fell as low as $25.52 and is now hovering just under the $30 mark. [2]


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