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David Wygant – What’s Your Excuse? Review

What’s Your Excuse? Reviews

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Popular dating coach David Wygant takes a no-fuss, straightforward approach to providing dating advice to men. Have you ever seen a gorgeous woman, wanted to talk to her, but then didn’t talk to her? It’s likely you have—because most men have been in this situation. You probably think of an excuse why you shouldn’t talk to her, like she’s out of your league, or probably has a boyfriend or looks like she’s in a hurry. You make up an excuse, and then never talk to her (and never get a date!). In his audio series What’s Your Excuse, Wygant dives into the reasons why some men are sabotaging their dating life, and how to fix it those “excuses.”

Wygant has been featured in online publications, magazines, radio and television. He’s been in the coaching industry for two decades, and has a broad range of experiences. He offers everything from personalized dating coaching to packages that include his very best advice. This set includes the “What’s Your Excuse?” audio program as well as his program “Self Love.” The first audio discusses why you make excuses not to approach attractive women, and then shows you how to silence that “excuse-maker” in your head. The second audio dives into how you can go after what you really want and how to overcome fear.

Like his other packages and services, Wygant highlights how critically important it is to develop your inner self-confidence. He never suggests that you should change yourself just to please a woman or to live up to a stereotype of a “desirable man,” nor does he ever suggest that you should use pick-up lines or pre-planned methods to approach women. Instead, he shows you how to grow your confidence, which will then translate to authentic and effective interactions with women. And part of growing that self confidence is to override that inner critic that makes up excuses about why you shouldn’t talk to women.

Other people who have purchased What’s Your Excuse have described it as causing a “breakthrough” in their personal and dating lives. So, why not look through the site, testimonials and contents of this audio series to see if it’s right for you!

Positives of What’s Your Excuse?

  • Trusted advice and techniques from a dating coach who has been coaching thousands of people for 20 years
  • 90-day no-strings-attached guarantee – If you purchase and download the audio series and either don’t meet more women or are dissatisfied, you get your money back
  • The two audio files are fairly brief (approximately an hour each), so you can begin implementing what you learn right away

Negatives of What’s Your Excuse?

  • Transcripts of the audio files are not available

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How it Works

  • Purchase the package
  • Download the two mp3 audio files
  • You can listen to the audio files on your computer, on your mp3 player, or anywhere else you can play mp3 files
  • Start implementing the advice and techniques you’ll learn in both audio files
  • You will learn how to stop making excuses and how to approach women with true confidence

Topics Covered

  • Volume 1 – What’s Your Excuse?
    • How to change one part of your mindset to get the women you want
    • How to find your natural “excuse killer” that prevents you from approaching women (and how to stop it)
    • How to take action right away
  • Volume 2 – Self Love
    • Becoming clear about things you want most
    • How to get rid of fear and not allow your ego to get in your way
    • How to create your unique identity
    • Ways to go for what you really want

What’s Your Excuse? Costs

  • Prices last confirmed May 16, 2017. Please check What’s Your Excuse? for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or access point (this can include device used and/or if accessed from a website or app)
  • What’s Your Excuse? audio series
    • $27

Other What’s Your Excuse? Information

  • Wygant’s dating advice has been featured on Fox News, the LA Times, the New York Times and Playboy
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