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David Wygant – Men’s Mastery Audio Series Review

Men’s Mastery Series Reviews

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David Wygant has been coaching men and women in dating techniques for 20 years. As a dating coach, he offers a wide variety of products and services. The Men’s Mastery Audio Series is a set of twelve volumes of downloadable mp3 audio files. You can have access to all the information and advice as soon as you purchase it, and move through the volumes at your own pace. This is a step-by-step guide to finding lasting success with women using all of Wygant’s techniques. He includes tips, strategies and advice that a man looking for his perfect woman can really implement. While many dating coaches cater specifically to men or to women, Wygant has coached both sexes, which gives him valuable insight and knowledge into what women want.

The series of twelve volumes covers a wide range of techniques and advice, from understanding what women want, to developing true, natural confidence, to where to meet the kind of women you want, to advice for taking the next steps with the woman you want. Essentially, Wygant takes you from the moment you lay eyes on an attractive woman through to dating that woman.

One big component of these teachings is how you can develop confidence—both in how you approach women, as well as confidence in your life in general. Wygant emphasizes designing your ideal lifestyle and then making beautiful women a part of that lifestyle. He stresses that you can have the life you want—including wearing what you want, talking about your interests, and still going to the places you like—all while attracting women you can date. He is against the idea that you must change yourself just to fit what you think a woman wants. Instead, he emphasizes that you can be exactly who you are and still get the kind of women you want.

In this audio series, you’ll also learn to become a better communicator. And because good communication is the first step in approaching women, the better a communicator you are, the more likely you’ll have success with approaching women and asking them out. Wygant’s approach also shows you how to attract women so that you never have to chase them.

If you have challenges meeting the kind of women you want to be with, read through the testimonials on the site and see if this audio series is your answer!

Positives of Men’s Mastery Series

  • Live chat support available for you to ask questions
  • 90-day “get more dates” guarantee:use the product for three months and if you’re not getting more dates in those 90 days than you did in the past year, your money will be refunded
  • Wygant has been a dating coach for 20 years and has coached thousands of people to dating success

Negatives of Men’s Mastery Series

  • No printed transcripts of the audio files are available

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How it Works

  • Purchase the series
  • Download all of the mp3 audio files
  • You can listen to the audio files on your computer, on your mp3 player, or anywhere else you can play mp3 files
  • Start implementing the advice and techniques right away (and develop those techniques as you go through all of the volumes)
  • You will understand how to be more confident and feel comfortable talking to women—as well as how to take the first interaction to a first date, second date and beyond

Topics Covered

  • Includes 15.5 hours of audio mp3s
  • Volume 1 – Understanding what women really want
    • How to summon your masculine energy
    • Why your looks don’t matter very much
    • A simple technique to approach any woman
    • How to treat a woman like a real human and not an object
    • The ultimate “mindset secret” that comes out in your smile—and how it will always attract women
  • Volume 2 – How to convey confidence, from the initial approach to the bedroom
    • Important small things that women notice
    • How to approach women without hesitation
    • How to convey a “movie star” attitude
  • Volume 3 – The death of pickup lines and how to have real conversation
    • The right way to look at women and smile so that you don’t seem creepy
    • The fast track to social charisma
    • How to get rid of your expectations and develop confidence
    • How to get out of a bad conversation
    • The most unlikely places to meet attractive women
  • Volume 4 – Getting good at approaching women so you never have to worry about meeting women
    • How to forget about being perfect and just have a confident mindset
    • What conversation-killers to avoid
    • How to charm her friends and family
    • How to tease her with words and body language
    • How to compliment her on her looks
    • When no really means no
    • Why should you never talk about money
  • Volume 5 – How to naturally put your best foot forward
    • How to improve your wardrobe
    • The underestimated role of music
  • Volume 6 – Where to meet the best women...and exactly what to say
    • The ideal places to meet your “type”
    • Why you must adhere to the 10 pm rule
    • The “Sunday afternoon miracle”
  • Volume 7 – How to take the next step with the women you want
    • How to leave short and intriguing phone messages
    • How to overcome any resistance she has to meeting up
  • Volume 8 – Secrets to getting her so turned on, she’ll be asking for intimacy
    • How to quickly turn a women on
    • The art of resisting her advances
  • Volume 9 – Time of your life
    • Why you can “have it all”
  • Volume 10 – Sneak behind-the-scenes of a $2,500 bootcamp
    • An inside look at all the information and questions and answers in a bootcamp that Wygant conducts
  • Volume 11 – The power of she talk
    • “She-talk” is the power of understanding how to emotionally relate to and talk with a woman
  • Volume 12 – Validation and confirmation
    • How to read a woman’s “subtle signals”
    • How to overcome the need for validation and confirmation from women
  • Free bonuses
    • Secrets of online seduction (mp3)
    • How to create exciting, lasting relationships with women, overnight (mp3)
    • Walk away, so she chases you (mp3)
    • Bring her back to the magic moment (mp3)
    • Don’t be a slave to your dick (mp3)
    • Confessions from a bootcamp (PDF handbook)

Men’s Mastery Series Costs

  • Prices last confirmed May 16, 2017. Please check Men’s Mastery Series for most recent pricing
  • Men’s Master Audio Series
    • $169.97

Other Men’s Mastery Series Information

  • David Wygant’s dating advice has been featured on the radio and television as well as in print and online publications
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